Why is Product Information Management necessary for the Life Sciences industry?

With an increase in the number of regulatory requirements, maintaining channel and user-specific catalog data is more tedious and costly. Also, providing real-time catalog data is complex. This is where modern PIM software can help the Life Sciences Industry streamline its catalog data and enable them to scale up their business to new heights.

Here’s how

Easily customizable catalogs

Reduced compliance costs

Improved data security

Quicker data exports

Seamless platform integrations

Greater brand awareness

Improve data quality for Life Sciences with PIMworks

How can PIMworks add value to the Life Sciences industry?

Readymade procurement marketplace integrations

The Life Sciences industry generally deals with procurement marketplaces like Sciquest and Coupa to maintain and sell their products. PIMworks uses APIs to integrate with these channels and provides healthcheck scores and export configs so that you can get the catalog data in the required template for different channels.

Simplified UNSPSC classification compliance

With large volumes of product data, efficient and accurate product classification is necessary. PIMworks helps simplify the product classification process through UNSPSC and eClass classification compliance. This industry standard makes catalog data exchange across systems seamless and cheaper.

Customer-specific catalog templates

Life Sciences typically deal with customers in a niche- research institutions, universities, etc., and each user has their catalog data requirements. PIMworks provides dynamic catalogs that help create customer-specific content that the sales teams can leverage to develop mini eCatalogs with specific data for specific users.

Detailed competitive intelligence

PIMworks, with its comprehensive competitive intelligence module, helps the Life Sciences industry utilize the best of the market. Get a detailed report on your competitor's product data and use the best content for your catalogs. Easily understand how your competitors are pricing their products, and always stay ahead.

Secure your data across the supply chain

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