How PIMworks helped an Amazon Retailer improve product discoverability and increase conversions.

The Business Need

Our client, selling crystals for strengthening the body, mind and resolving issues through various forms of natural crystals and gemstones had a requirement to improve search visibility on Amazon. The organization has been sourcing and dealing in a vast variety of high-quality crystals and gemstones with a clean and proven track record. With well-qualified expertise and nearly 35 years of prolonged experience in testing and suggesting genuineness, they took utmost care to provide the best quality product with best of further personalized guidance. Their business need was as follows:

  • To make product discoverable on Amazon in the competitive categories
  • To increase sessions and page views of the products
  • To increase sales compared to competitors

Challenges faced

  • New listing/catalog changes interrupted the optimization process
  • Increase visibility of products through keywords/search terms and cut-down on spending huge costs on search engine marketing
  • Analyze competitor’s listings/products at content and keyword level

How PIMworks solved the problem

Product listing analysis

Analyzed the health of listings through automated analysis of product content and monitor compliance with Amazon’s guidelines, including attribute fill-rate and number of images

Generation of keywords

Researched on the product and identified the keywords used by competitors on Amazon

Shortlisting keywords

Analyzed the health of listings according to Amazon’s guidelines, including attribute fill-rate and number of images

Structuring attributes

Structured the title, key features and description using potential keywords and categorizing keywords based on priority

Monitoring of keywords

Insights on performance by monitoring search visibility, page views, and sessions and keyword tracking


Intervened on the non-performing keywords and suggesting external measures to increase the visibility of the product


Operational Value:

  • Gained greater visibility on the Amazon A10 search engine with keyword infused titles, features, rich catalog content, search terms, and relevant images
  • Listed products as per standards and guidelines of Amazon to ensure search relevance
  • Monitored SEO metrics, managed and assessed keyword performance using insightful analytics for real-time updates through data synchronization with Amazon

Business Value:

  • Increased sales through better rankings
  • Optimized product ratings
  • Got top ratings & reviews
  • Won a slot in Amazon Buy-box
  • Sessions and pageviews increased from 50% to 250%

Got top ratings & reviews

Won a slot on Amazon Buy-box

Sessions and page views increased from 50% to 250%

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