Rich, flawless & performing product data to put your sales on a winning streak, always.

Product data has a significant role to play in the buying process. It has all the information that a customer is looking for to be able to make a choice. Product data is not easy to crack. Given the complexities - unique channel requirements and detailing, PIMworks is here to handle the clutter at ease and help you deliver rich, organized and compelling product information that gives your customers a superior shopping experience.

Embrace chaos with PIMworks - Chip in content to any
channel exactly the way it needs to be

Own inch-perfect catalog

A clean catalog sells. Your one source to own, manage and enrich your product information. Enrich and upgrade product data with accurate and complete information to route your customers in right direction to influence their purchase decisions

Bulk Enrichment

PIMworks has an unique feature that helps in enriching the product data through crawling. Enrich your data through our proprietary tools that extract data from various sources and formats such as web pages and pdfs. The data is also normalized and standardized automatically

Pin products to the right grades

Organizing your products under the right categories becomes super easy. Build navigation-friendly taxonomies for your channels and generate accurate and compliant data for every marketplace with ease.

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Why PIMworks is the best solution for your
product data complexities?

One trusted source

Your centralized storage to manage all product information that makes distributing content from a central location and launching products across channels faster and easier

Cross-channel consistency

Gain an edge over your competitors by getting your products to market faster. PIMworks integrates rich product data and synchronizes it with unique marketplace requirements

Undisputed workflow management

Enable collaborative workflow between the key stakeholders to create various facets in product data and publish the right content in the right channel

Fresh & agile content

With PIMworks you can load and refresh thousands of product details - description, attributes, images and publish it in any channel, exactly the way it needs to be

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