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PIM software
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Product experience management
Product experience management
Product experience management
Product experience management

An integrated product information management software for better customer experience


Unify product data scattered across multiple systems into a standardized repository for quick and instant access.


Harmonize the inconsistencies of data and enrich product information for an engaging and personalized product experience.


Syndicate the right content to the right channel by optimizing product information for unique channel requirements.

PIM for eCommerce

Maximize the power of product data

Product data is the persuasive copy that sells your product. To engage customers in a rich digital and off-line channel experiences that can boost conversions, data needs to be rich, accurate, and relevant.

Product details flow from various internal and external sources - suppliers, brand owners, agencies, product teams, and marketing teams. You need a product information management software that holds, manages, and prepares your product content for fulfilling customer experience.

PIMworks is a product data management system that empowers you to achieve a 360-degree view of product data by encompassing all the product information and digital assets. The resulting repository of data can be governed constantly for effective business use.

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A definitive guide for actionable tips on product data mastery for better customer experience.

Connect the dots with one powerful solution

All data in one place

All data in one place

Bring all your data from excel sheets, ERP systems, PLM, and databases to a centralized location for quick access.

Better team collaboration

Better team collaboration

Coordinate with vendors, partners, and internal teams by creating workflows in real-time.

Quick data syndications

Quick data syndication

Scale-up and syndicate contextual content to multiple channels using configurable APIs and custom templates.

Compelling customer experience

Compelling customer experience

Fuel rich customer experiences with high-quality product data using in-built data enrichment module in our PIM platform that is fully automated.

Product catalog management software
Product catalog management software

PIMworks integrates with your favorite channels

We use Venzee technology to help you integrate with a lot more channels!

Extend 360-degree view of product information across touchpoints ensuring impeccable product experience for buyers. Our in-built APIs and configurations ease the connections with internal and external systems.

Digital asset management software
Product experience management

Product experience management made easy with PIMworks

Product data management will help you bring together all the product information from different sources to one place

With the help of a PIM system, you will be able to efficiently manage data assets and workflows

Collaborate to create and enrich product information and manage product experience through contextual content

Seamlessly publish contextual product content across channels with ready-to-use templates

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