An integrated product information management software for better customer experience


Unify product data scattered across multiple systems into a standardized repository for quick and instant access.


Harmonize the inconsistencies of data and enrich product information for engaging and personalized product experience.


Syndicate the right content to the right channel by optimizing product information for unique channel requirements.

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Make customer retention easy with our PIM software

Exalt multi-channel product experience and unleash the power of product data management. With our product experience management software, you can grab customer attention and retain them more easily than before.

PIM software
ecommerce pim software

Quick access to data

Import the entire information from excel sheets, ERP systems, PLM, and website databases and store them under one roof for usage.

ecommerce pim software

Real-time work-flows

Create real-time workflows to keep vendors, partners, and internal teams on the same page making communications seamless.

ecommerce pim software

Multi-channel syndication

Use our PIM solution’s configurable APIs and custom templates to syndicate product data across different websites and channels.

ecommerce pim software

Auto data enrichment

Our PIM management software’s fully automated data enrichment module helps you deliver quality product data.

ecommerce pim software

Accurate details

Use our PIM system to give your users the right details at the right time across all the platforms with the highest accuracy possible.

ecommerce pim software

Create multiple versions

Create multiple versions of the descriptions and publish them with the best product information management platform in the industry.

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Stay informed of the industry trends. Know how you can make product data management a breeze. Take a look at the hand-picked resources.

Product experience management
Product experience management
Product experience management
Product experience management
Product Data Playbook

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