Overcome complex business challenges using PIM solutions

Company snapshot

Brame specialty, a 100-year-old 4th generation family-owned distribution business, sells products ranging from hand sanitizer to school products to janitorial supplies. Headquartered in the United States, Brame Speciality has around 60K Stock Keeping Units(SKU) and an excellent ecommerce website of its own. Intending to take their business to multiple platforms, the traditional PIM software was not helping them accomplish their goal of seamless multi-channel syndication. With a limited budget and a few much-needed customizations in their mind, they found PIMworks to be a crucial piece in their jigsaw puzzle.

Business objectives

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Efficient online sales
through PIM

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Multiple sales
platforms venturing

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Effective solutions
within a budget

Challenges and Solutions

Our client, with over 60K SKUs, was finding it very difficult to syndicate their product data according to the guidelines of each channel.

We offered instant product syndication to numerous sales points in the shortest possible time to optimize the sales process.

Since they offer a diverse set of products, the team had to do lots of manual work, and meeting market standards was a major hiccup too.

PIMworks' AI/ML capabilities helped produce market standard product content and auto-enrich product content for utmost accuracy.

The traditional PIM tools that they were using didn't provide the required API integrations with the variety of channels that the company wanted to list.

With their unique requirements on multi-channel syndication, PIMworks provided a customized solution that catered to Brame's different needs.

They could not address problems like attribute mapping, taxonomy creation, etc for a more optimized product information journey.

PIMworks' bulk product syndication feature helped them achieve their goal faster, enabling them to take their products to market quicker.

Multi-channel syndication for seamless product listing

After the influx of PIMworks into their business, our client, Brame Speciality, could sell across multiple marketplaces in a much more smooth and hassle-free manner. With our product priced very friendly with their budget, they were able to cut down on operational costs and invest more in the growth of their business. With a very good relationship with our customer service team, the company's ad-hoc requirements were taken care of which resulted in them using the product better.