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PIM 360 Degree View

PIMworks enables a 360-degree overview of a product's information from a central repository, eliminating redundancies and simplifying the entire product journey

From syndicating products to multiple marketplaces, providing rich product content to match market standards, and managing all digital assets, PIMworks enhances the entire user experience and takes it to the next level.

Automated Content Enrichment

Product landing pages and detail pages communicate a lot to the customers. Customers are driven to decide based on the depth and breadth of product information available to them.

With its automation abilities, PIMworks helps you enrich your product content enabling you to provide enticing and rich product content.

Gain complete control and tailor your product content according to your customer's exact needs, keeping in mind the market standards and regulations.

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Automated Content Enrichment
Multichannel Syndication

Instant Multichannel Syndication

Product information may be rich and fresh, but if it is not well optimized for unique channel guidelines, the product experience will take a back seat.

PIMworks’ instant product syndication with its ready-to-use templates and APIs prepare your product content to be distributed to different channels, enabling you to venture smoothly into all marketplaces.

PIMworks' data validation helps extend a microscopic view of data quality, enabling you to syndicate the right content to the right channel.

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Centralized Digital Asset Management

Product images are very vital. Managing all the elements of your product's assets becomes easier when you get a single view of the entire data.

PIMworks' digital asset management module helps you manage all your digital assets from product images to videos, and any other collateral, all from a single centralized repository.

You can fetch and consolidate the top-performing assets from various websites, thereby boosting your business productivity and increasing your profits.

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pim ecommerce features
Workflow management

Collaborative Workflow management

The cumbersome process of catalog creation becomes super-simplified with effective communication between the teams involved in creating and utilizing product information.

PIMworks’ built-in workflows help different teams manage complex architecture through a flexible hierarchy management process with pre-set rules and permissions.

Channelize your tasks, improve overall productivity, eliminate redundant errors, reduce time-to-market, and boost data quality to a whole new level.

pim ecommerce features
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