Why is PIM necessary for the Jan-San and Cleaning supply industry?

Simplified GDSN processes

PIMworks helps easily aggregate a complete source of product data, automate various data feeds, cleanse them, and make them GS1 standard compliant. Each user may have their way of applying an item number or a barcode, and PIMworks streamlines them to match the market standard

A single centralized repository

PIMworks acts as a single central repository through which multiple product data and information can be seamlessly managed. In addition, this centralized approach enables teams to work smoother and get their products to market in a quicker way, thereby earning better overall profits

Improved Vendor Profile management

Janitorial supplies businesses generally deal with multiple distributors, suppliers, and vendors to obtain their products and product information. Maintaining multiple vendor details is tough if there is no proper system. PIMworks helps easily manage all your vendor profiles so that you can concentrate more on your business.

Automatically enriching product catalogs

With Janitorial, Sanitation, and Cleaning supplies businesses generally dealing with large volumes of products and product catalogs, PIMworks helps automatically enrich the entire catalog data. By sourcing data from the top websites and marketplaces, PIMworks ensure you maintain the same standard everywhere

Standardize your cleaning supplies business with PIMworks

Why is Product Information Management necessary for the Jan-San and Cleaning supply industry?

With more global data compliance standards to be met and large volumes of product information needing to be governed and ready to syndicate to multiple channels, PIM software comes in very handy for the Janitorial, Sanitation, and Cleaning supply industry whether you are a manufacturer or a distributor.

Here's how

Reduce management costs

Enhanced business automation

Seamless multichannel syndication

Improved Product Experience

Instant data syndication

Simplified catalog enrichment

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