Frequently Asked Questions

The product information on the product pages defines the success of a business. With numerous other business requirements to focus on, nailing the product data is crucial to influence buying decisions.

  What is an attribute?
An attribute is a property of a product. This may be color, size, dimensions, price, etc. There are several types of characteristics for a product, and with PIMworks, every attribute is configurable.
  What is a PIM?
A PIM (Product Information Management) is a software or solution to gather all your product information in a single place, enrich them, and distribute it across multiple channels. Product information means all the details related to a product such as marketing information (name, description, SEO tags, etc.), technical data (product specifications, configurations, datasheets, etc.) media information (images, videos, etc.), and more.
  What is taxonomy?
Taxonomy is one of the most important elements when it comes to product information management. It’s a structured hierarchical list with nodes in which products are organized based on their categories. Attributes can be defined as categories in a taxonomy that lets products be classified to required nodes.
  What is a feed?
Feeds are external sources with a list of products with their data that can be ingested to PIMworks. A feed is a structured form of multiple product information in different formats and sources like your ERP, database, MDM, etc.
  What is a channel?
While a feed is the input that provides information to PIMworks, a channel is where you want to send the data from PIMworks. It simply allows you to define how product information should be transformed and delivered to a particular sales channel, i.e., your website, mobile app, or external system, through connectors.
  Are there any software requirements for PIM?
We’ve crafted PIMworks keeping the user experience as our foremost priority. All you need is a stable internet connection and any modern browse like Mozilla Firefox, Windows Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc
  Are there any limits on how many products I can store?
PIMworks is cloud-based and can accommodate thousands of accounts, each with millions of products. We can scale up the storage according to your needs.
  Is my data safe? What are your backup and retention policies?
We take data security seriously, and all our servers are hosted in a secure cloud environment with scheduled backup and BCP/ DR procedures. The software is provided in a multi-tenant architecture, which means you can own and manage your data, and no one else can access it.
  What makes PIMworks different?
PIMworks is a place to store all your product data making it fortified and competent. Our expertise in data enrichment for decades has enabled us to create a scalable and flexible PIM solution.
  Can digital assets be associated with products?
Yes. PIMworks includes features to support images and datasheets. You can store images, videos, and documents that can be uploaded and linked to your products.
  Does PIMworks offer email support?
Yes. We provide 24/7 email and live chat support to customers of all editions.
  What is the pricing of PIMworks?
PIMworks offers a flexible pricing model based on the requirements of businesses of any size. Contact us for a quote and try it free for 14 days.

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