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A PIM (product information management) tool helps to centrally manage all product information including digital assets enabling a quick and instant access of all the product information. PIM enables efficient collaboration between teams and distribution of contextual content to multiple channels.

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DAM (digital asset management) platform centrally manages digital assets (images, videos, documents) in an organization. You can easily use, share, and retrieve information. This helps sales and marketing teams instantly access digital assets and ensure that they are securely stored.

How do you know if your business needs a PIM or DAM?

PIM and DAM both are vital for your business.

A PIM management tool is an absolute necessity in an organization when there is a large volume of product information is required to be managed. Typically, organizations look out for a solution like PIM rather than DAM when they are selling on different channels and have large volumes of product information to be updated everyday. Their manual tasks would become cumbersome, time-consuming and error-prone process. To accomplish quick-time-to-market and enhance product experience online sellers need a PIM.

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digital asset management software

Some organizations have large volumes of digital assets to be managed. The primary reason to look for a digital asset management (DAM) software is to securely store and instantly access all the data. Also, when different teams are involved in the management of the files, digital asset management (DAM) system helps in streamlining the entire process. Overall PIM and DAM are of utmost importance to any retail organization.

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How does investing in a PIM or DAM benefit you?


Securely store all data at one place and quickly access all digital assets and files, anytime

Manage files efficiently by categorizing files into videos, images, music, and other multimedia content

Streamline workflows, boost efficiency, and eliminate redundancies as digital files are well categorized and securely stored



Manage product information efficiently by centralizing all content to a single source of truth that enables quick and instant access

Improve product experience by enriching product content to make it comprehensive, contextual, and complete

Boost productivity as teams involved in creation and distribution of product content can collaborate efficiently by creating workflows

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