Manage large volumes of product data. Deliver rich content to every channel, always.

You don’t have to jump through the hoops to create perfect product catalogs.

Organize product information pouring from different sources and in different formats in a single source

Handle thousands of SKUs and attributes at ease by managing them from a single repository

Automated enrichment tools will help you deliver content filled with rich snippets, descriptions, and digital assets

Publish content across channels quickly, ahead of your competitors and accomplish multichannel ventures

Why Retailers need PIMworks?

Product data comes from innumerable sources - your suppliers, brand owners, agencies and internal teams each with different standards and formats that are difficult to comprehend. The volume and variety need to be condensed and organized, normalized and enriched before they can be published.

You need a tool that holds all your data and makes it compatible with all marketplaces and channels. That tool is PIMworks.

Organize Data

Organize data

Data comes from dozens of sources (manufacturers, brands) and in different formats including - images, attribute details, descriptions, meta tags, data sheets and, external links. This data is often inconsistent and highly unorganized and requires immense time and manual work to take them to market. PIMworks helps in handling the clutter by centralizing, normalizing and standardizing product content and creating accurate catalogs

Organize Data

Multichannel compliant

Selling products online does not confine to specific marketplaces. As a retailer, you would be selling in different third-party channels or running your own online stores. Each of these channels have different guidelines and complying with these is quite challenging. PIMworks enables automated mapping, transformations, and integrations providing synchronization that keeps content persistent across channels

Marketplace Complaint
Automated content

Automated content enrichment

Product data is scrutinized to the detail and the gaps are filled through AI Powered automated web sourcing that pulls data from valid sources. You can create catalogs with Machine Learning enabled data classification. You can aggregate content from various sources and formats such as web pages and PDFs which is also normalized and standardized automatically.

Automated content

Process agility

PIMworks is cloud-based that enables efficient workflows among the stakeholders for collaborating with product marketers, catalog managers, and product teams involved in building product data. You can also engage vendors or external stakeholders to contribute to the product detailing through simple self-service and achieve agility in your teams

Process Agility

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