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Publish your product catalog to global marketplaces in a single click

Easily organize thousands of SKUs for your retail business and manage them from a single repository
Create workflows to collaborate effectively with retail vendors, stakeholders, marketing teams, and product teams
Easily automate retail product data management by enriching product content with rich snippets, descriptions, and digital assets
Publish content across channels quickly, ahead of your competitors, and accomplish multichannel ventures

How PIMworks can help retailers

Product data, especially for the retail business, comes from innumerable sources - your suppliers, brand owners, agencies, and internal teams, each with different standards and formats that are difficult to comprehend. The volume and variety need to be condensed, organized, normalized and enriched before it is published.

You need a solution like PIMworks, a PIM for retail that holds all your data. Our retail product data management software is compatible with all eCommerce channels through ready-to-use templates.

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To Organize data

multi channel ecommerce

Data comes from dozens of sources (manufacturers, brands) and in different formats, including - images, attribute details, descriptions, meta tags, data sheets and, external links. This data is often inconsistent and unorganized, making retail product data management tedious. Retail product information management platforms like PIMworks help handle the clutter by centralizing, normalizing, and standardizing product content and creating accurate catalogs.

Enable multichannel retailing

ecommerce multichannel enabling

To compete in this competitive market, selling your products across multiple channels and marketplaces is necessary. As a retailer, you could be selling in different third-party channels or even on your website. Each of these channels has different guidelines, and complying with these is quite challenging. A retail product data management solution like PIMworks enables automated mapping, transformations, and integrations that keep content persistent across channels making multichannel retailing simple.

ecommerce multichannel enabling
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Enhance product experience

retailers product experience

Customer experience is the pinnacle of online retailing in this current digital era. To create a good product experience, retailers must have insightful, comprehensive, and contextual product data. The automated content enrichment in PIMworks helps in enriching content through automation with Machine Learning enabled data classification. Omnichannel retailing efforts can be accomplished by utilizing data available in the analytics dashboard.

Collaborate effectively

retail product management

Retail product data management becomes that much more simple when all the teams involved in creating product data - product marketers, catalog managers, and product teams can collaborate effectively by creating workflows to reduce errors and redundancies. You can also engage vendors or external stakeholders to contribute to the product detailing through simple self-service portals, thereby taking your products to market even quicker.

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