Foster your brands with better catalogs

Deliver exceptional shopping experiences across all touch points.

Skip the manual upkeep of product data in massive spreadsheets and legacy systems

Manage voluminous categories and data assets with absolute ease

Streamline workflows and deliver clean data to retailers, wholesalers, marketplaces, and distributors

Launch your products faster with clean, compelling, and complete product catalogs

Improve conversions and keep customers engaged with good product information

Why Brands need PIMworks?

Products are sold across multiple touchpoints - your own online store, marketplaces or at the retailer’s online store. This means product data needs to be stacked up for the broadest ecosystem.

PIMworks is built to ease out the complexity in managing product data thus enabling distribution of customer-facing catalog data to any retail channel thereby getting products faster and increase brand value in the market.

Product data management

Product data management

PIMworks software helps in dealing with thousands of SKUs - product attributes, taxonomies and the digital assets such as images, videos, PDFs and other files all from a single interface. This makes the process of handling huge volumes of cluttered product information and channelizing content much simpler.

Product data management

Uncloak fear of competition

Customers are savvy. They do their research before buying online. They, in fact, know the brand choice and look for it on the search bar. If the buyer is convinced about your brand they land on your product page. If the information is incomplete, inaccurate, inconsistent or irrelevant it results in losing them to a competitor. PIMworks prepares you for this product journey to deliver the experience customer wants.

Uncloak fear of competition
Built vast ecosystem

Built for the vast ecosystem

Products need to go across several endpoints and when product presence expands, product data needs to be consistent across any retail channel. With PIMworks you can transform the content, pull data from the repository and build templates for all your sales channels. You can seamlessly distribute data or provide access to your retailers through API integrations, custom exports or FTP enabling content reach the market faster.

Built vast ecosystem

Build categories at ease

Creating and managing guidelines for categories with attributes, facets, descriptions, and images is easy. You can manage taxonomy and categories for omni-channel needs, streamlining information from multiple data systems including MDM, ERP, PLM and transform data for multiple versions of catalogs.

Build categories

PIMworks is easy to set-up and free for trial.

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