Why is product information management necessary for the food business?

The restaurant industry is changing quickly, and the tech stack must keep up with this change due to shifting consumer habits, supply chain disruptions, and expanding eCommerce trends. As a sensitive market, organizations must provide accurate product information to its customers. PIM software can assist firms in driving an effective and comprehensive ecommerce strategy suited to their market's demands.

Quick product launches and updates

Ensure compliance while reducing risk

Top-notch data quality across channels

Contextualized and quality product data

Multiple channel integrations

Automated data syndication

Accelerate your food sales and enhance brand awareness with tailored PIM solutions

How can PIM transform the food and beverage industry?

Personalized customer service

Today's customers need a top-notch user experience, from easy order placement to receiving real-time product updates and personalization options based on past purchases. Restaurant businesses should personalize the customer experience by suggesting cuisines based on their preference and past purchase. As the world of food commerce becomes more digital and personal, PIMworks equips you to excite customers.

New channel integration

Success in the age of digitalization increasingly depends on an adaptable food commerce strategy that can overcome overnight market changes. PIMworks has streamlined the channel integration procedure to easily add newer products in online food ordering and delivery platforms. By having eCommerce support that enables you to efficiently manage the product information you require, you may list your products in newer marketplaces and social commerce platforms.

Adherence to international laws

The existence and emergence of new regulations like Natasha’s law and HFSS in the UK are forcing businesses to deliver accurate and reliable product information. PIMworks is helping companies adhere to laws and regulations by automating the data enrichment process to provide a complete food ingredients list. Adapt quickly to changing laws and regulations and integrate those changes efficiently for a legally secured business environment.

Consistent product information

A centralized product information repository is helping food businesses across the world eliminate data silos by consistently updating product information. PIMworks enables data audits before transferring data to sales channels, improving your data quality. A PIM solution establishes a single source of truth to target the right segment and deliver products based on their demands.

Utilize PIM solutions to optimize your online presence

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