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Data is the new Oil- Benefits of product data management in ecommerce

5 min read DATA is the fuel that every retailer requires in our digital world today. Product data plays a very important role,

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4 ways how product catalogs improve customers overall experience

< 1 min read Customers are present across all channels. Any ecommerce business, small or big, wants to provide the customers with accurate product


Third wave of Ecommerce: Staying prepared after and beyond covid

4 min read This pandemic has wiped clean the selling strategies of businesses. Businesses have had to change their selling approaches and reduce


The simple trick of doubling your ecommerce business profits: Automated Product Content Enrichment

< 1 min read Product content is everything in today’s world. From being at the top of your market to getting more profits, rich

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Instant Product Syndication made possible with PIMworks

3 min read Imagine having hundreds of products. When you plan to sell these products across multiple marketplaces, you need to make sure


16 terms related to ecommerce & PIM systems that you could’ve overlooked

3 min read A Product Information Management solution (PIM) helps ecommerce ventures, sellers, brands, and others manage their product information on various marketplaces.


What makes Omnichannel ready products stand out in the market?

5 min read We have a new buzzword in town, Omnichannel.  Every businessman or woman, retailer, manufacturer, or brand is talking about it.


5 must-have PIM features every eCommerce retailer should look for

3 min read Online shopping continues to see a surge since its genesis. Easy access via mobile applications, quick and seamless returns, hassle-free

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The future of eCommerce businesses with effective PIM platforms

4 min read Gone are the days when malls used to be flooded with shopaholic men and women to grab their favorite denim

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Why your customers love product data?

5 min read I’m a shopping junkie. It was almost impossible for me to not browse through products while working, eating, or even