Salsify VS Syndigo: Which platform is ideal for your e-commerce business?

There is no straightforward way to pick a PIM platform. The ideal solution for your business can sometimes feel like navigating the mysterious world of ‘Stranger Things’ – the popular Netflix show. 

While we may not have Eleven’s supernatural abilities to effortlessly uncover the perfect solution, the ideal platform for your business is derived from the analysis of the business objectives, pricing expectations, ROI capabilities, feature fit, and more.

pim magical powers

Today, we’re going to dive deep into the factors that you must consider to make an informed decision between Salsify and Syndigo.

Salsify VS Syndigo: A Side-by-Side Comparison

Product Experience ManagementComprehensive PXM platform for managing product content, digital assets, and syndication.PXM solutions with a focus on content creation, enrichment, and syndication.
Features– Data management- Content creation and enrichment- Syndication across channels- Digital asset management– Content creation and enrichment- Syndication tools- Digital asset management- Data normalization
IntegrationIntegrates with various e-commerce platforms, ERP systems, and other tools.Compatible with different systems for seamless integration into existing workflows.
ScalabilityScalable to accommodate growing businesses and increasing product catalogs.Designed to scale with businesses as they expand product lines and enter new markets.
Customer SupportOffers customer support and training resources to assist with implementation and ongoing usage.Provides customer support services and resources for effective platform utilization.
CostPricing models based on features and usage. Specifics may vary based on business size and needs.Pricing structures tailored to features and usage, with considerations for business requirements.
Industry FocusSuitable for a variety of industries, including retail, consumer goods, and manufacturing.Focuses on serving industries such as retail, consumer packaged goods, and manufacturing.
ComplianceHelps ensure compliance with industry standards for product information and content.Includes features to support compliance and adherence to industry-specific regulations.
User Interface (UI)Intuitive UI for ease of use in managing product content and related information.User-friendly interface designed to streamline content creation and management tasks.
Updates and InnovationRegular updates and innovation to keep up with industry trends and user needs.Ongoing development and updates to enhance features and address evolving market requirements.

1. Salsify VS Syndigo: A Quick Glimpse

What is Salsify?


Salsify is a PXM platform, which enables brands and retailers to manage product content, centrally store them, and automate it for better growth and efficiency. Salsify positions itself as a leader in the PXM space that helps e-commerce businesses own, win, and rule the digital shelf.

The platform allows users to create, manage, and syndicate product content across various channels, improving the overall product experience for consumers. It also helps teams collaborate under one roof and get the products to market faster.

Salsify’s focus includes providing tools for data management, content creation, and syndication to ensure consistency and accuracy of product information across different platforms.

What is Syndigo?


Syndigo is another player in the PXM space, that helps in managing and syndicating product content across multiple channels. It also helps in optimizing product content and creating rich catalogs that improve “add to cart” rates.

Syndigo’s solutions include features for digital asset management, content syndication, product data optimization,  data normalization, and compliance with industry standards.

When comparing Salsify and Syndigo, it’s essential to consider your specific business needs, the scale of operations, and any unique requirements you may have. 

2. Salsify VS Syndigo: Features

The next key factor to consider while comparing Salsify VS Syndigo is the features that each of these platforms has to offer:

Salsify features:

  • A PXM platform  that focuses on improving product data accuracy by consolidating and storing all product information in a centralized repository
  • Enhance product data with rich content, including images, specifications, and descriptions
  • Streamline the process of updating and adding new information. Facilitate collaboration among teams with customizable workflows
  • Easily syndicate product information to various sales channels, e-commerce platforms, and marketplaces. Ensure a seamless and consistent brand presence across different touchpoints

Syndigo features:

  • Store and manage all product data in a centralized location. Ensure consistency and accuracy across various channels and touchpoints
  • Streamline the process of enhancing product information with automated enrichment tools. Add detailed specifications, rich media, and other relevant content effortlessly
  • Syndicate product information to multiple sales channels, e-commerce platforms, and marketplaces. Maintain a uniform brand presence across diverse online and offline channels
  • Organize and manage digital assets, such as images and videos, for effective marketing and sales efforts. Ensure easy access and utilization of media resources
  • Publish product content seamlessly across various channels, websites, and catalogs. Optimize content for different formats and platforms

3. Salsify VS Syndigo: User reviews

When it comes to choosing between Salsify and Syndigo, insights from users can offer valuable perspectives on real-world experiences. Let’s take a closer look at user reviews for both platforms.

Salsify reviews:


  • User-Friendly Interface: Many users praise Salsify for its intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy for teams to navigate and utilize its features efficiently
  • Comprehensive Syndication: Users appreciate Salsify’s robust syndication capabilities, allowing seamless distribution of product information across multiple channels and marketplaces


  • Customer Support: Some users express dissatisfaction with Salsify’s customer support, citing instances of delayed responses and challenges in getting timely assistance
  • DAM (Digital Asset Management) Limitations: A few users highlight limitations in Salsify’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) capabilities. Issues with the system lacking advanced features in DAM functionalities may impact users with specific content management requirements

Syndigo reviews:


  • Rich Content Management: Users appreciate Syndigo’s emphasis on enriched content, especially its capabilities in managing high-quality visuals and rich media, enhancing the overall product presentation
  • Customer Support: Several users commend Syndigo’s customer support, citing responsive and helpful assistance when addressing queries or issues


  • Interface Complexity: A few users mention that Syndigo’s interface may have a steeper learning curve, particularly for those new to PIM platforms
  • Customization Limitations: Some users express a desire for more flexibility in customization, stating that certain features could benefit from additional adaptability to meet specific business needs
syndigo reviews

Final thoughts

As we explored the features, capabilities, and nuances of Salsify and Syndigo, it became clear that both platforms offer robust solutions tailored to the unique needs of businesses in 2024.

Both Salsify and Syndigo present compelling options for businesses seeking effective product information management and syndication solutions. Your ultimate choice should align with your unique business requirements, goals, and the specific challenges you aim to address. As you embark on this decision-making journey, keep in mind that success lies not just in the platform you choose, but in how well it aligns with and supports your broader business strategy.

However, these are not the only best PIM platforms. There are several other good players.

These popular PIM tools include:

  • PIMworks
  • Plytix
  • InRiver
  • SalesLayer
  • Pimcore

PIMworks emerges as a centralized solution for efficient product data management, offering automated enrichment to eliminate gaps in catalogs. The platform integrates seamlessly with major marketplaces and key e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Amazon, Magento, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce through adaptable APIs.

Its collaborative features enable streamlined workflows for both internal and external stakeholders, fostering efficient product information management. PIMworks also stands out with built-in catalog templates, allowing businesses to personalize content according to each channel’s requirements, ensuring visual appeal and compliance.


You can take a free 30-minute demo and explore PIMworks for yourself!


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