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Multichannel syndication

Make the most of our multichannel syndication feature - reduce your time to market with more accurate and consistent product content. Seamlessly bulk upload product data and enhance them in no time.

Copy data from one channel to another smoothly

Check your data accuracy scores before you upload

Do bulk content enrichment & make it market-ready

Perform quick search anywhere within the platform

Wish to see how multichannel syndication functions?

Request a demo to know how you can swiftly syndicate content to multiple channels and integrate PIMworks with various marketplaces with no hassle.

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We are different than others, here’s how.

Using PIMworks you can enhance your customer’s experience on every channel you sell. Not only instant syndication but deliver complete, consistent, optimized, and accurate product content across multiple channels in a jiffy.

multi channel ecommerce

Product data intelligence

Product information is presented across multiple channels and sometimes it becomes difficult to present the right data at the right channel. Follow a single-version of true data for different selling points across all marketplaces to maintain consistency.

Seamless multi-channel ventures

You name a channel and we are ready to integrate. Product information across multiple channels must meet various guidelines. Check product content quality scores, instantly syndicate across multiple channels and make your products market-ready.

product information management
multi channel ecommerce

Real-time workflows

With multiple channels come multiple teams to handle them. PIMworks helps you collaborate across varied teams in a smooth manner. Our built-in workflow module helps you improve your team’s overall productivity, eliminate errors, fasten the time to market, and improve data quality

Automated data enrichment

From product data enrichment to channel-based optimization, we provide the best to you. Our AI-enabled software helps you auto enrich your product data and cut down manual efforts thereby seamlessly maintaining a standard in every channel you sell.

product information management

Gear up to take a better market-share than before

Sell your products on any platform with high-quality, consistent content. Make your selling journey easy with PIMworks.