Meeting the objective of ending the spreadsheet chaos and getting to market faster

A century long experience of inspiring beauty with skincare and haircare products, our client takes pride in its grooming solutions for men, women, and children.

Meeting the needs of self-care and beauty enthusiasts all around the globe through popular channels like Target, Walmart, Walgreens, Family Dollar, Kroger, Dollar General, CVS, Kmart, and Sally Beauty Supply - PIMworks stood as one of the pillars for their product information management and growth.

Having a bunch of distribution channels increased the complexity of managing product catalogs, standardizing them to meet unique requirements of each channel, and collaborating with every stakeholder involved in building this data.

Data on excel sheets became unmanageable and led to employee burnout, errors, and a huge impact on the business.

“We knew that it was time to grow out of the spreadsheets. PIMworks has helped us save 37% of our overall operation time”.

A not so glossy way of handling product data

A huge product catalog and a bunch of distribution channels posed product data management and syndication challenges for our customer. In summary,

  • They had 2,000 SKUs that were managed in spreadsheets leading to errors, consolidation issues, and data structure pains

  • There was no centralized product data management approach to easily access and manage data

  • They had a big list of channels to which products had to be syndicated to and each channel had unique requirements for presenting the product data

  • Their branding was inconsistent across channels

  • There were a lot of teams and individuals involved in product catalog creation and there was no defined workflow

  • They couldn't monitor the roles and responsibilities of each member and were unable to give different access levels for internal and external users

One platform concealing the pains of product data management and strengthening the roots of syndication

With PIMworks, all the product information - from spreadsheets and other folders were consolidated and stored in a single source of truth - data import and export was a piece of cake. They saved a lot of time and effort in scouring through spreadsheets to find information and maintain them. The product data was now taken care of in a unified location.

The next pain was getting this information to a bunch of channels that the client was selling on. The content has to be in-sync with the unique channel templates and requirements.

PIMworks has an inbuilt compliance management system and in-built templates that made compliance to each channel effortless. Not just that, PIMworks was natively integrated with all the major channels that the customer syndicated to - Walmart, Amazon, Wayfair, etc.

Another critical challenge they faced was managing the roles and responsibilities of their team. With PIMworks, they were able to manage roles, assign, and improve their overall productivity by 60%.

Sealing it all in with PIMworks

With this reduced dependency on maintaining master product data, they could save their overall operation time and improve their time to market.


Saved in overall operation time

1 person

No. of people involved in manual data entry reduced from 5


Increase in productivity


Increase in sales revenue


Operation cost reduced

PIMworks for your own growth story

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