Get the best out of your business with the PIMworks-Shopify integration. Bring your ideas to life and get a better market share.

Product experience management

Why Integrating Shopify with PIMworks is needed for your business?

Product experience management

Easily customize your products with the help of meta-fields and get more product variations

Attain international expansion for your business by covering multiple channels

Improve customer relations with built-in add ons and plugins in the Shopify marketplace

Get a simple and precise product onboarding and selling process with Shopify

We are unique in our Shopify Integration.

Product experience management

Operate in multiple regions with different languages and currencies

Create and update products with API-based technology and save tons of operational time

Efficiently manage multiple product data, SKUs, and variants

Update and send product data to Shopify either in a single-click or batch process

Product experience management

Automate and grow your business to new heights with PIMworks

Product experience management

How does our Shopify Integration work?

Our Integration is Simple and easy to use. Here is our 4 step Integration process

Catalog management in ecommerce

Create/Import Products

Create or Import single or bulk products into PIMworks

Catalog management in ecommerce

Connect Shopify to PIMworks

Input the Shopify Credentials and connect

Catalog management in ecommerce
Catalog management in ecommerce

Product data compliance check

PIMworks checks the data compliance of the products

Catalog management in ecommerce

Products sent to Shopify through API

Upon successful data completion, a batch of products are sent to Shopify marketplace via the product listing page

Catalog management in ecommerce

Get Shopify integrated into PIMworks today