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PIMworks redefines how you manage product data by offering a centralized, simple, and robust PIM platform. It helps create personalized content experiences and instant syndication to internal and external channels in a breeze. You can make better business decisions to grow faster with accurate and insightful digital shelf analytics.

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    Reduced Time-to-Market

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    Enhanced Customer Experience

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    Improved Omni-Channel Visibility

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    Assisted Implementation Support

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Key Benefits

Providing a better product experience gets even easier with PIMworks. Our PIM software also helps you to increase your overall business productivity enabling you to earn more profits.

Icon for 'Increased data accuracy'

Increased data accuracy

Icon for 'Reduced product returns'

Reduced product returns

Icon for 'Increased Sales and Profits'

Increased Sales and Profits

Icon for 'Enhanced User Experience'

Enhanced User Experience

Icon for 'Reduced time to market'

Reduced time to market

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Better overall SEO

Icon for 'Reduced operational costs'

Reduced operational costs

Icon for 'Unified Omni-channel experience'

Unified Omni-channel experience

Rethink Product Content Lifecycle

PIMworks improves your operational efficiency and delivers a better product experience to your customers. Our product information management software offers a plethora of standardized and notable industry-first features that reduce data errors and product returns.

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Perfecting Brand excellence

PIMworks, with its easy-to-use interface and best-in-class features, offers a wide variety of features to help you improve your brand presence. Our PIM software simplifies your business by adhering to the various compliance standards across marketplaces and managing your online reputation like a breeze.

PIMworks is suited for businesses of all sizes

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Know how a 100-year-old business solved complex business problems with simple customization

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How a familly-owned business overcame fundamental PIM challenges with customizations

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Integrations and Partnership

We have deep integrations with top ecommerce marketplaces and platforms. Synchronizing your product data across online channels seamlessly with PIMworks’ product information management software. Not seeing any of your favorite channels here? Please let us know. We’ll get it done for you.

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