Product content is everything in today’s world. From being at the top of your market to getting more profits, rich product content plays a vital role. Consumers make their buying decisions based on the quality of product information available to them on the product detail pages and listing pages. Therefore enriching your product content is much more crucial.

Today, customers want high-quality product information presented to them instantly. Failing to offer the desired result within seconds can lead to customer churn and lesser conversion, especially in an ecommerce landscape. This high-quality information determines the buying decision of customers. 

Shopping cart checkout of any ecommerce site like Amazon, Walmart, etc., is the most critical process where a lot of traction happens in terms of buying decisions. A lot of questions may arise in the buyer’s mind during checkout. If those questions are not quickly answered, it leads to cart abandonment. 

 Products like PIMworks provide enriched content to the users and gives them additional reasons to buy the product.

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