Supermarkets have always been our go-to choice to quickly shop anything. This is because supermarkets have all the products neatly arranged in aisles making them easily accessible. We don’t have to search through piles of products for hours. Instead, we can quickly pick what we want from the shelves. Further, businesses have carried this concept online by introducing digital shelves, to create a comfortable shopping experience.
In the haste we are in today, a digital shelf is a great innovation. With these shelves, you can create your own version of a virtual rack, where you can store all of your products in one place.

What is a digital shelf?

The digital shelf is the new buzzword in online business. This marketing term refers to all the touchpoints of customer interaction with brands, from research to purchase of the products. It is an online space where businesses organize and store their products. Additionally, digital shelves help businesses to reduce clutter, maximize storage space, and provide customers with an easy way to find what they’re looking for.

Further, it allows customers to pursue products in an environment that is tailored to their requirements. It includes site banners, category pages, product pages, or anywhere shoppers can research and buy a product online. They may also feature videos or images of the products so customers can see what they are exactly buying.

3 key features of an efficient digital shelf

Digital shelves can be an incredibly powerful way to sell your products. To create a good one, you need to consider how your product will be used and what features are essential for making it easy for customers to find and buy. Here are the key factors for creating a winning digital shelf. 


Omnichannel is the defining characteristic of a good digital shelf. This term refers to the various channels and marketplaces through which a customer can interact with your business. It otherwise means availing your products in as many different places as possible. By diversifying your digital shelf across different channels, you are able to reach more potential customers and provide seamless experiences across all platforms.

Additionally, by being omnichannel-ready, you can react quickly to any changes or trends that occur in each sector. This way businesses can stand out from the competitors who may not be prepared for these shifts.

Simple to use and navigate

Customers want easy access to information regardless of their level of expertise or technical literacy. Hence, your digital shelf should be well designed, and easy to use for everyone. It should allow customers to effortlessly browse through a variety of products. The layout should be intuitive and organized well allowing the customers to find what they need without spending much time.

Digital shelf

Accurate and updated product information

The digital shelf you design must provide rich content—including product descriptions, images, videos, etc. This makes the shoppers aware of what they are deciding to buy. In addition to this, it is also essential that you provide high-quality product descriptions and images that are relevant to your target audience and up-to-date. 

Digital shelf

How can a good digital shelf help your ecommerce business? 

The digital shelf provides businesses with an online store that functions like a physical storefront. It helps businesses to display and sell their products online while creating an efficient purchase journey across touch points. Additionally, with digital shelves, businesses can also manage their product information, and inventory, and get better insights into product sales. 

Further, Readycloud states that today 22% of shopping cart abandonment is due to poor website and user interface. With a good digital shelf, brands can create e-commerce pages that are visually appealing and easy to navigate. This way customers can easily find you while looking for products related to your niche. Hence it is an essential tool for ecommerce businesses who want to enhance their online presence and reach new customers.

How can PIMworks enhance your digital shelf?

A messy desk creates unpleasant working conditions! The same applies to your digital shelf. If it is cluttered accessing the data you need could be difficult. This can lead to confusion among your customers and staff, decreased productivity, and overall lower morale. All you need to clear this mess is to invest in an effective PIM solution.

Here are 4 simple ways how PIMworks can help you enhance your digital shelf.

Creating rich product content

Good product content is key to a successful online business because it attracts attention, converts lead into customers, and strengthens customer loyalty. Product content includes product descriptions, specifications, images, how-to-use videos, etc. What makes good product content stand out? Well, it should be engaging, informative, and easy to navigate. 

According to Findstack, 81% of the customers decide to buy or not buy your products based on your product content. PIMworks’ content enrichment feature allows you to create rich product content, that is tailored according to your business needs. We help you to compare and crawl data from top-performing websites to make your product content market ready. Further, updating your content on time becomes easy with PIMworks. This way the customers have access to accurate and updated information while they make a purchase decision.

Sharing content across channels

Syndicating product content across channels is important to provide an omnichannel customer experience. By syndicating your content to various social media platforms, web pages, e-commerce platforms, and more, you are able to tap into a wider audience that may not otherwise be aware of your products or services.

PIMworks’ multichannel syndication feature helps you to share consistent and updated information across marketplaces, instantly. Not sure if your content is relevant? We check your data accuracy scores and help you create marketplace-compliant content. Additionally, this feature can help to increase your brand visibility in search engines.

Managing data in a single place   

Are you struggling to manage the ample amount of data, in various formats from your stakeholders? We understand how scattered data can tire your business. It can be difficult to retrieve important data when you need it. This is especially true if the data is stored in multiple locations or on different systems. Hence, having a centralized system in place can help your business manage data easily.

PIMworks’ DAM module now helps you to overcome the chaos of scattered data. It provides a centralized repository where you can optimize and manage all your digital assets in a single place. With this feature, you can securely access, retrieve and update information quickly whenever you want. Further, we automate your business’ manual data entry tasks with a bulk data upload feature, so your teams can focus on more strategic tasks.

Automating workflow

Does your business require more than an individual or department to work on product information? But don’t too many cooks spoil the broth? Luckily, not anymore! 

PIMworks’ inbuilt workflow module allows multiple people and teams to work efficiently on the same project, with improved communication. You can now regularly track who has access to the data and what changes are being made to it. In addition, collaborative workflows promote team collaboration and creativity, both of which are essential for winning deals. 

PIMworks is the most affordable and efficient way to improve your digital shelf, which in turn can boost your sales. But the success depends on how well you manage your product information and provide your customers with what they expect to see. To learn more about how PIMworks can help lead you to the top of the ladder, schedule a demo!


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