Time and data are the most precious commodities in the business world. However, managing these commodities effectively is even more important for ecommerce small businesses. Small businesses often have fewer resources and should leverage them to the best to make every opportunity on their way count. An efficient PIM solution can accomplish this for your small business.

Data is a vital resource for an ecommerce small business. Without it, you’re just working in a dark room. Data regulates everything that you do as a small business owner – from marketing strategies to product development decisions to employee management practices. The key is finding ways to use the data to help you enhance your customer experience and overall brand equity. A simple PIM solution, like PIMworks has features that can help handle data efficiently.

Challenges ecommerce small businesses face in managing data 

Product data is a critical part of any business, and the challenge for ecommerce small businesses is managing it effectively. This can be difficult because they are more reliant on manual processes than larger companies.

The most common challenges for small businesses in handling data are:

  • Managing a huge volume of data
  • Inadequate storage space or bandwidth restrictions
  • Finding or accessing data when you need it the most
  • Updating new data
  • Maintaining data security
  • Lack of technical expertise 

To combat these problems, it is important to practice clear procedures regarding product information management. This means grouping similar data together under a single roof so that it can be easily handled and accessed. Further, adopting a system in place will help to standardize how product data is documented, managed, and updated.

Why does your business need a PIM solution?

PIM enables small businesses to manage product data and deliver it efficiently to customers, collaborators, and other stakeholders. It streamlines the process of collecting, organizing, and sharing product information from a single place. This includes all digital assets like product specifications, descriptions, SKUs, photos, and videos of products for online sales.

Here’s how PIM helps your business, further:

  • A centralized repository to store all digital assets.
  • Automates manual tasks to ensure error-free data and save time
  • Create content complying with marketplace standards
  • Instant syndication of product data across multiple channels
  • Update product information quickly 
  • Track the access, and changes made to data
  • Prevent data loss and data breach

This way PIM reduces the time spent on mundane tasks such as data entry and inventory control. Hence, it becomes much easier for small business owners to concentrate on more productive tasks. They can work on the best marketing strategies for their products and improve customer experience. Overall, PIM is essential for small businesses that want to improve their image and maintain top-tier customer service standards.

5 things ecommerce small businesses must look for in a PIM solution

With a number of PIM options out there, the one best suitable for you can be confusing. Hence, you need to first decide what PIM features are necessary for your ecommerce small business. Do you need a system that allows bulk processing of transactions? Does encryption play a role in your business? Is data visibility important to you?

If you’re not sure what features are necessary for your specific business, it’s essential to seek out a PIM tool that has all of the following characteristics:

Ease of Use

The PIM tool you choose should be simple and quick to learn- to use for anyone involved – whether it’s your team of employees or third-party vendors. The system should be built user-friendly to ease your daily tasks. It should enable easy data handling and instant access to the data you need. With simple PIM, your job becomes easy and you have time for more productive tasks.

PIMworks is a simple and easy-to-learn PIM system that helps you to manage data in one place making it easier to search and navigate.


It is important to take into account how flexible a PIM system is with changes or additions. Choose a PIM system that offers features tailored specifically for your business needs. Additionally, your PIM software must offer flexibility when it comes to data entry and make it easy to update or add new information as needed.

PIMworks provides a tailored PIM solution for your small business with customized features to fit your needs well. Get the PIM features you need to build your business, at your affordable cost and time.

In-built workflow 

Managing multiple teams can be a hectic task for small businesses. An effective workflow management module can easily coordinate the teams by improving communication and accountability. It helps you to assign, track and get updates on the progress of individual tasks. Further, automation ensures that tasks are completed on time, according to specifications, and without errors. 

PIMworks’ in-built workflow module automates tedious manual tasks and makes time for your actual tasks. You can easily communicate with your team members, assign, track progress, and complete tasks without delays and wasted resources.

Marketplace integrations

By integrating your ecommerce small business with popular marketplaces, you can reach a larger audience and increase exposure for your products. Choose a PIM system that allows you to instantly integrate with the marketplaces, where you desire to sell your products.

With PIMwork’s multichannel syndication feature you can create product content compliant with market standards and bulk upload data. Reach the market in no time and stay ahead!


When you’re in a small business, every penny counts. That’s why cost-effective ways are so important. There is a variety of affordable PIM tools that provide the solutions and features you need at. Choose a cost-effective PIM for your ecommerce small business, and get an incredible value.

PIMworks is budget-friendly PIM solution packed with efficient features to meet your needs, and it’s easy to use so you won’t spend hours learning how to use it!

Yes, there are so many PIM options available. But PIMworks is different! We understand the unique needs of small businesses, and our software is designed to make your life as a business owner easier. With PIMworks, you’re getting a product that is affordable, easy to use, and tailored specifically to help focus on your business goals. Book a demo!


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