Did you know that 40% of Americans (NPR) buy at least once a month on Amazon?

44% of shoppers search on Amazon (which is only 11% more than Google) to find the product they’re looking for. According to similarweb, Amazon is the central hub for online shopping boasting average web traffic of 2.39B.

Customers splurge their money on Amazon. Being a successful seller on this platform is the best bet you can get. But, the real question here is how well are you utilizing the various channels through which you can improve traffic, increase visits, multiply conversions, and grow your business. 

Are your efforts well distributed? Do you keep your product information contextual and customer-centric? How far has your influencer marketing strategies gone?

I have got a ton of other questions for you. I want to answer them all and help you with some useful tips if you haven’t been doing these. But, I got a better way to do this.

Today, I will be sharing in detail five amazon selling tips and tricks that’d cover most of your questions and help you move from where you are in your sales journey, for good.

A Five-step Guide with useful amazon selling tips and tricks

  1. Growth hacking your way to increase conversions

You know that the future of content is through videos right?

Kid you not, according to Hubspot, four of the top six channels on which global consumers watch a video are social channels. 

If you are not already leveraging video content, you are losing out on a lot. By videos, I do not only mean Youtube. While influencer partnerships are the icing on the cake, other forms like Facebook live, Instagram live, Amazon live are also untapped gold mines for you to boost sales.

First, let’s see how YouTube + Influencer outreach can help you.

By partnering with an influencer, you can multiply your brand reach. With close to 5M audience base, a video on a product you sell with links to your website, imagine the kind of reach you can achieve.

Influencers have a strong audience base (which is the same target as yours) who believe and trust in the review and recommendations from them.

But, wait.

What if you don’t find influencers for your niche? 

That is when you have to diversify your presence by getting your team to be active on various social channels by constantly creating content around the uses/benefits/demos of your products. You can either go live on these channels or utilize amazon live.

Before I take you through Amazon live, be sure to build a relevant audience for your social channels and to keep the audience highly targeted through relevant use of hashtags and a candid approach to getting them to follow you in all your campaigns.

What’s Amazon live, anyway?

Like any other platform with the live feature, you can use Amazon live to promote your products.

Here’s a complete guide on how to set this up and get it going.

You can promote your products on amazon live to improve bad awareness and sales. You can learn more tips on how to be successful with amazon live here.

2. Creating the best customer experience on the planet 

This is something you’d already know. 

But, customer experience is not all about the same day delivery tactic, zero shipping charges, or discounts. Customers do appreciate this, but what really keeps them hooked to your brand, become loyal customers, and make them coming back to you is the kind of personalization and support services you extend.

Personalization apart from the contextual placement of ads is about personalizing product content to every unique customer based upon the gender, age, and other demographic details that make product information relevant and engaging.

How to create personalized product experience?

  • Create a 360-degree view of content (include all product information, master data, and digital assets)
  • Enrich product content – remove obsolete information, include all details to make it comprehensive, update data frequently, include rich digital assets
  • Leverage user behavior data through analytical tracking and feedback to profile and personalize information
  • Leverage PIM solution to create contextual product content 

 3. Becoming easier to find – How to cut through the clutter?

SEO can never be overlooked.

For any online business to succeed, the optimization of content is inevitable. Reason being, visibility is important to make a sale and how to achieve that is through content optimization.

  • Amazon’s search engine is backed by the A10 algorithm with a basic function of bringing results that closely matches a query. The Amazon algorithm is getting smarter and complex day after day. It is not like how simple it used to be, today, it accommodates for variations in the results and misspelled words.

This gets good for you only if you are comprehensive with your optimization efforts.

Source: https://sellercentral.amazon.com/gp/help/1881?)

amazon selling tips

Quick tips to optimize your content

  • Optimize the length of the title and be sure to include the primary keywords and natural for the user. No more dumping of keywords and making it clunky. A10 is more human
  • Make product descriptions and features skimmable through bullet points
  • Make sure images are of high quality: at least 1,000 by 500px
  • Include long-tail keyword to rank for literal search terms
  • Be sure to keep increasing your review count. Mindful of having only genuine ones. A10 is right out of Hogen’s alley blowing off all the black hats

4. Improve seller metrics to win the buy-box

82% of Amazon sales go through the Buy Box.

Amazon limits the eligibility to win the buy box for sellers with excellent metrics. It is not easy to win the buy box as Amazon has a lot of eligibility criteria to push a seller there. 

How to win the buy box?

Amazon says,

  • Your items must be new as used items are not eligible for the buy box
  • You cannot run out of stock as if that happens the buy box will rotate to another seller
  • Only sellers with professional seller account are eligible (sure?)
  • The most successful seller stays longer in the buy box
  1. Spice up the review game

Did you know that more Amazon reviews mean more opportunity to sell?

73% of consumers say positive customer reviews make them trust a business more.

Reviews are not only criteria to rank, but also a major influencer for a sale. The more reviews and the more mixed they are, the more is the build of trust in your product. Customers really read reviews of other buyers and the pictures they post to find out if they have to buy the product or not. A good bend of bad and mediocre reviews are good for your brand as all positive reviews make you seem like the reviews were not authentic.

But, how do we persuade buyers to leave a review? Do we buy reviews? That’s absolutely not what you should do as Amazon has got more stringent with their review policies

As of October 2016, Amazon made incentivizing product reviews or asking for positive reviews specifically, in any way a violation of their TOS and also took down all the fake reviews both manually and through AI.

Ask for it:  Even if a buyer is really happy about the purchase, they’re not going to be generous enough to leave a review. You should request it by dropping an email.

Make it irresistible: Sometimes it so happens that customers feel so good about the product and the support services. Be very friendly and helpful with support enquires, and right there will be your review.

Promote your reviews: Promoting positive views on social channels makes your customers happy. Featuring the review acts as an incentive and attract reviews from people who already haven’t written.

Register your brand: You can begin by logging into the seller central and choose an early review program. Enroll SKUs with less than five reviews. Amazon emails your customers asking for a review and incentivizes with $3 Amazon gift card as a value exchange.

You pay Amazon $60 once your first review comes in.

Final word.

No matter the kind of competition there is on Amazon, making a mark for yourself is nothing short of some efforts. Consistently looking for channels and means to persuade a sale directly or indirectly is bound to help you grow your business.

We hope this post on Amazon selling tips has helped you unlock some potential opportunities to sell better and if it did, do leave a comment below. If you have some tips to share, we’d love to hear.

If you aren’t jumping to implement these amazon selling tips right away, then you are missing out on a lot.

What was covered – A quick recap.

  • Videos are a crucial channel to create and distribute content. It can influence purchase decisions through influencer marketing or internal marketing teams
  • Creating good customer experience is not just about same day delivery or zero shipping charges but personalizing content like you really know their tastes and preferences
  • Optimize content through SEO techniques like keyword research, title optimization, image optimization, making descriptions skimmable, etc.
  • Win the buy box by improving the seller metrics and make sure you own the eligibility for it
  • Getting more reviews makes you a more authentic seller. Keeping it mixed and making efforts through brand registration and asking the customer for it in a candid manner is something not to be missed

Hope you found this post useful, feel free to share other amazon selling tips in the comments.


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