How often have you skipped that purchase on Instagram because you were not convinced it was the original brand?
According to the survey conducted by Baymard Institute, every day online businesses lose around 70% of their potential sales due to shopping cart abandonment. There are several reasons why customers abandon a purchase halfway in a website or marketplace. However, uncertainty and lack of trust are the most frequent reasons. This is exactly why you should consider adopting data standardization!

Data standardization

What is data standardization?

Data standardization, in simple terms, is the method to make sure that your data is consistent and comparable across different sources. Any ecommerce business needs to ensure that the data is stored, processed, and analyzed consistently. Standardizing data will allow you to connect easily with different systems and make better decisions.

Having standard and consistent data can make all the difference when running a business. It helps businesses to:

  • Improve their accuracy 
  • Automate much of the work
  • Improve their analytics capabilities
  • Streamline their product management processes
  • Optimize the website performance 
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Save time and resources

Further, standardized data helps your online business create a personalized and consistent brand experience for the shoppers, anywhere and anytime. The importance of consistent branding and a seamless buyer experience cannot be overstated in the current fast-paced shopping sector.

Consistent Branding

uniform data

Today, you can sell your products and services in many marketing channels. You can build an app for your business, create a website, choose social media platforms, list your brand in ecommerce marketplaces, etc. But how do your customers recognize your brand on all these platforms? How do you guarantee them that it is you?

Consistent brand experience is the solution you are looking for. Your brand needs to offer a consistent experience to win customer loyalty, higher sales volumes, and increased conversions. This means providing customers with an easy and informative shopping experience every time they visit your site or shop through ecommerce platforms. Further, it’s important to create a user-friendly environment that makes buying from you feel like a natural process.

Using standardized data to improve brand experience

Now, how do you create a consistent brand image and experience?
This is where data comes into play. Data helps customers make informed decisions. Whether they are shopping for clothes, choosing a health plan, or picking a movie to watch, data is essential to help them evaluate their choices and choose the best. But not just any data will help you. You need well-organized, uniform, and standard data.

Uniform data can improve customer experience across market channels. It enables consistent sharing of data between different platforms and applications. Providing consistent product data (visuals, content, and product information) on your website, social media, and marketing channels helps the buyers resonate with your brand everywhere and have a secure shopping journey. This, in turn, builds customer trust and makes them want to return again and again. 

However, inconsistent data leads to disparate brand experiences for the shoppers on different platforms. If the buying process is unreliable or confusing, they’re likely to just give up and shop elsewhere. Hence it is important to uniform your data to ensure a seamless customer experience.

How PIMworks helps in data standardization?

Further, when creating a brand experience, it is important to have a system in place that can help standardize data across different platforms and channels. This will ensure that the customer experiences are consistent and predictable, no matter where the customer happens to be browsing your product or interacting with your content.


PIMworks is an effective product experience management platform that can help you standardize your data. A common problem businesses have is their data spread across different locations in different formats. This makes the data difficult to access and less secure. PIMworks is a centralized repository that stores all your product data (product specifications, images, videos, and inventory). It unifies all your product data from different sources in a single place based on the universal data standards, making the data readily accessible.

In addition, PIMworks offers effective and easy-to-use features to help your business create a more uniform customer experience across channels.

Centralized digital asset management

Having scattered and unorganized data is the same as having no data. Yes, dealing with cluttered data is a business’s worst fear. It makes accessing data difficult and most often leads to loss of data. The simple DAM feature of PIMworks standardizes all your data in different formats from different sources and stores them in a single format in a centralized repository for your convenience.

Automated data enrichment

Product data, that is content, product description and other digital assets hold a significant role in influencing the customer’s choice. Consistent product data builds customer loyalty and helps the customers shop without confusion. PIMworks’ automated data enrichment module crawls information from the top-performing websites and enriches your data. Moreover, this feature helps you to create uniform product content that you can distribute across channels.

Multichannel syndication

In addition, PIMworks offers your business the instant multichannel syndication feature. It helps you optimize your product content, complying with the guidelines of various platforms you choose to sell your products. This allows you to instantly provide consistent product data to your customers, across different ecommerce platforms. This way you can create a consistent and seamless shopping experience for your shoppers.

PIMworks helps businesses easily standardize data and create a seamless buyer experience across channels within a few clicks. Our affordable and easy-to-understand features will help your brand make a strong imprint on all the marketing platforms you desire. Click here to find out what PIMworks can offer your business!


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