How often do you shop for lipstick or face cream online? What is it that’s stopping you from shopping online?

The cosmetics industry has been an in-person niche for a long time. Over the years, with the shoppers shifting significantly toward ecommerce, the cosmetics industry set its foot online. However, online shoppers are more discerning than ever when it comes to beauty aids. They want to know what the product contains, test how it feels, and try how it looks on them. Hence, it is important for online cosmetics businesses to personalize their shopper’s experiences and feed them accurate product information. With a good PIM solution, this is a piece of cake!  

Trends in ecommerce cosmetics businesses

According to the survey conducted by PowerReviews, in the year 2022, around 49% of the customers shop for cosmetics online. With the cosmetics industry rapidly evolving, new digital strategies are essential if you want to keep up with the pace. Digital technologies have the ability to transform how consumers interact with brands, and by embracing them early on, you can increase customer loyalty and engagement. 

Today online shoppers increasingly value accurate information, and convenient and consistent shopping experiences when making purchase decisions. Moreover, your customers also research products before buying them. Hence, your brand needs to be easily reachable on every top-performing channel and marketplace in order for potential customers to find it. Integrating a simple PIM tool like PIMworks into your business model is the easiest way to deliver a superior customer experience. 

How does a PIM solution enhance the ecommerce cosmetics industry?

The beauty aids industry is one of the most data-sensitive industries. These companies must track a huge variety of information to ensure that their products are safe to use. This includes documentation of cosmetic ingredients, formulations, expiration dates, images, videos, user-generated content, and more. However, managing such sensitive information is a challenge for many online cosmetic companies who lack the resources required to do so accurately and responsively. 

Here’s how a PIM solution can cut down the challenges of product information management for online cosmetic businesses.

Enrich your product catalogs

A good product catalog is an important component of any online cosmetics business.  It allows you to showcase all of your products in one place, making them easily accessible to customers. Further, by being organized you can reduce customer chaos and lead them through a simple purchase process.

PIM automates the process of creating and maintaining product catalogs. It allows you to compare and source content and other digital assets from top-performing channels, to enhance your customer experience. Additionally, PIM ensures that your products are accurately represented across channels, with marketplace-compliant content. Stay updated with current trends and win the market with PIMworks!

Manage product information in a single place

Ecommerce cosmetic businesses struggle when it comes to handling and managing product information from various sources and formats. A PIM solution can save time by streamlining the process of gathering and compiling product data from across various channels, such as online retailers, direct sales reps, and affiliate partners. Further, PIM helps in organizing all the relevant data and digital assets into a centralized location. This also allows for easy data retrieval and analysis, so that cosmetic manufacturers can make informed decisions about their products. 

Automate your workflow

Automated workflow is essential in the cosmetics industry because it helps to improve efficiency and accuracy. It streamlines communication between different departments within a business, which can lead to better customer service. Furthermore, automated workflow ensures that all product information is up-to-date and accurate so that you can make informed decisions when developing new products or marketing campaigns.

PIMworks offers an in-built collaborative workflow feature. This feature automates repetitive manual tasks and enables easy communication between departments and individuals. It happens quickly and easily without interrupting your workflow. This, in turn, leads to increased productivity across all aspects of your business operation. 

Sell your cosmetics in top marketplaces

Integrating with top marketplaces is one of the best ways for your online cosmetic business to grow its customer base. By listing your products on popular ecommerce platforms like Amazon, Shopify, Magento, and Walmart, your brand can reach new customers who are searching for quality cosmetics at affordable prices. In turn, this increased visibility could lead to more sales and better rankings in search engines which would ultimately result in higher profits.

A PIM solution like PIMworks provides multichannel integration features. This feature helps you to instantly syndicate your product content across multiple channels and platforms. This way you can serve your customers in their desired marketplace while creating a consistent brand experience.

Access the data easily

If you are running an online cosmetics business, you’ll have to handle diverse data such as ingredient lists, package sizes, formulations, images, customer reviews, etc. With so much data to maintain it could be difficult to focus on more productive tasks. 
PIM tools like PIMworks offer in-built filters and easy search options to help you find and access the information you want in no time. This way you can sort the data and keep it market ready for syndication.

PIMworks can now help you win big in the new age of cosmetics. With its full suite of features, PIMworks is the best PIM solution to give your brand its make-over online. To understand more about how we work, get started with a free trial!


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