Imagine having hundreds of products. When you plan to sell these products across multiple marketplaces, you need to make sure that the product’s content is up to date and the entire catalog is in good shape. It takes a monumental amount of effort and time for you to syndicate your products across those markets. What if I told you that you could do that instantly?

Yes, you read it right. You can now syndicate all your products to specific marketplaces instantly with PIMworks.

What is Syndication?

Put in very simple terms; syndication means syncing of product data from one place to another. E.g., If you are using a Product Information Management solution, you can sync your product data from the PIM solution to a marketplace like Magento. This is called syndication.

Digitalization is the new mantra for businesses these days, and every retailer wants to sell their products across various marketplaces, right from Amazon to Magento to Walmart. But maintaining similar and consistent product data across these channels sometimes becomes a thankless job. 

Product data and content goes out to multiple channels. Having rich and fresh content is as essential as having the product itself. But the data and content must be optimized for you to fare better amongst your competitors. 

Along with that, each channel has its restrictions and its own set of rules. A human can’t remember all of them and prepare their content accordingly to syndicate it across channels. That is where Product Information Management software comes in handy.

But at the same time, this is a fast-moving world, and everything that helps you stay ahead must be utilized. Instant product syndication is one such thing, and that is where software like PIMworks can make the difference.

Why is instant syndication important?

Time is of the essence in the retail-ecommerce world. Bulk syndication of products is a time-consuming process. Imagine syndicating hundreds of thousands of products and finding an error in one of the products. Correcting that mistake could eat up all your time. This is where our Instant syndication helps.

We are proud to announce that we are the first in the market to provide Instant Product Syndication using the “Send to API” feature in PIMworks. The business benefits this brings to consumers are:

1. Improved syndication effectiveness and reduced clutter

Although single product syndication may look like a time-consuming process, it is quite the opposite. PIMworks, with its market first instant product syndication, achieves product syndication within a matter of seconds, sometimes even less.

Also, this reduces the clutter associated with bulk product syndication. Gone are the days when bulk reports were necessary to maintain all the data for a product. With Instant Single product syndication, importing and uploading data from sheets becomes a thing of the past, and the overall effectiveness of the process improves tenfold.

2. Maximizing business profits by reducing the time to market

This is an inversely proportional relationship. The less time we take to bring our product to market, the more profits we make. Retailers these days want to venture into multiple marketplaces to maximize their profits, and Instant syndication helps them achieve that. 

If instant syndication were not there, the retailer would still be able to venture into multiple marketplaces, but at a cost. The competition would eat them up by getting a headstart. Every edge that a business can get is crucial, and reducing the time to market helps get that elusive edge.

3. Reduced operational cost and inaccuracies 

PIMworks provides bulk and single product instant syndication. While bulk syndication is the current norm of the market, there are many redundancies associated with it. Thousands of products syndicating at the same time may sound lucrative, but even a small error may be challenging to spot and can consume your entire operational time.

Single product instant syndication allows you to syndicate as and when you like, reducing operational time and the cost associated. Also, spotting any errors becomes easier with lesser products.

4. The one-stop-shop for everything syndication

Wouldn’t it be great if everything was available in a single place? With PIMworks, you can Syndicate the product, check its status, correct any errors and manage relevant reports all from a single screen. PIMworks automates repetitive and tedious tasks pertaining to the collection, standardization, and enrichment of product sheets or pages and allows you to focus on higher added-value tasks.

Every business needs a pinch of innovation to stay relevant in today’s market. That is what we at PIMworks have been trying to achieve and will continue to do so. Automation and quality are what we thrive at, and Instant Product Syndication is one step towards innovating the ecommerce world. We would love to have you onboard on our journey towards automating and innovating all there is in the world of ecommerce. Request for a live demo today and get benefited.


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