When the Emmy’19 award winners were busy partying in September, for us here at PIMworks the celebration was all about being recognized for Great User Experience and being the Rising Star of 2019. 

Right from the brainstorming stage for PIMworks, we had a bee in our bonnet for never compromising on delivering the best user experience as that’s what would speak volumes about a brand. 

We couldn’t be happier when we were recognized for the same! Adding to the accolades, our 360-degree product overview and onboarding functionalities bagged special mentions.

Everything that makes us deserving

Unlike other PIM players in the market, there are certain special features of PIMworks that sets us apart from the crowd.

Let’s dive right in.

Extended 360-degree product view
A 360-degree product view refers to creating comprehensive product catalogs with all essential components including – product master data, rich product content, and digital assets. PIMworks helps you create contextual and personalized product content with complete control over product data and Non-master-Data assets in real-time. The product view makes product content management easier and gain insights to optimize content to deliver better product experience.

Creation of workflows for collaboration
In the absence of a tool for collaboration, tasks become difficult to manage resulting in errors and poor product experience. PIMworks’ built-in workflows and batch management help in the creation of workflows that help brand management, digital marketing, and digital commerce teams collaborate effectively, improve productivity, and eliminate errors.

Syndication of content to multiple channels
Retailers sell their products across multiple channels. But, every channel has unique rules and guidelines. Complying to these rules and structures becomes easier with PIMworks as there are ready-to-use templates and APIs that prepares the content for multichannel selling. PIMworks also ensures data validation that assigns quality scores for every data point enabling syndication of the right content to the right channel.

Product content enrichment
With PIMworks’ product data enrichment feature, you can eliminate product data anomalies like data compliance errors, missing information, duplicate data, and more. PIMworks’ unique data validation ensures accuracy of data including images for large volume catalogs Automated Product content enrichment module enables data standardization, unit conversions and filling data gaps eliminating tedious manual work of preparing catalogs for multiple channels. 

Automated product classification
Streamlining of products according to the categories and appropriate classifications is critical for optimal customer experience and SEO.  With AI/ ML-based product classification that uses both image and text-based data, products can be structured to the right taxonomy ensuring better usability and standards.   

Scalability of the tool
PIMworks is built on a cloud-native architecture hosted on a scalable infrastructure. We host all our services on secure, scalable and fault-tolerant application infrastructure.

Here’s a quick snapshot of other features that’s worth a mention.
Our platform is bundled with other special solutions like seller data on-boarding, Amazon SEO, price, MAP monitoring, Grey Market Abatement, Augmented Reality content, and consulting on eCommerce that makes it an end-to-end product experience management software.

Our speech for tonight

The good reviews and recommendations that we’ve been receiving from our users and staunch supporters are primarily the reason why we received the Rising Star of 2019 Award. We’ve always taken every feedback of our reviewers and users earnestly and strived our best to deliver the best results. 

We couldn’t have done it all without our supportive users and we’re honored and motivated to keep shining with their continuous support.

Who’d we like to thank?

Apart from our reviewers and users, we’re also very proud of the PIMworks team who’ve worked day and night to make it what it is today.  Every time a customer or reviewer says how seamless the tool is or how they were able to dramatically improve their sales and customer experience, our inner voice is always thanking our product engineers.

Here’s a quick update of what’s been cooking and ready to launch at PIMworks:

  • A new task workflow that helps in getting things done across teams with more ease and flexibility
  • Exporting data from PIMworks has become even better with granular controls and FTP data push
  • An instant report card of Amazon digital shelf and there are ways to optimize it using PIMworks
  • PIMworks API now provides more endpoints to connect

About Comparecamp
PIMworks received the awards from CompareCamp, a reliable B2B review directory. CompareCamp has a dedicated group of experts that zone in on software intricacies and utilities. Their industry experts meticulously assess how a software’s tools and features fare to ones currently available in the market to help its readers in picking the right system for their business needs.

Check out their review on PIMworks to know more!

 Join us for the party

PIMworks is all about wisely managing information for best business results. To be able to create the best product experience and manage product information seamlessly, join us!


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