What’s New with PIMworks

We believe in keeping you up to date with everything that we do so that you can leverage all our latest technologies and stay ahead of the competition.

V 10.1 - Enhanced custom user profiles, UI changes and more

We have now enhanced the taxonomy-level access control for users, enabling them to create custom user profiles within each account and provide permissions

We have enhanced the vendor reviewer workflow, which now allows the reviewer to reassign the products uploaded by the vendor to other users if they have only limited permission

You can now sync your product data, including variants and images, to and from the Shopify platform

You can sync products from the Acumatica ERP as well

We have improved our UI on the Product Performance page and made some overall UX improvements

You can now send personalized products to Magento from PIMWorks

V 10 - Menu structure changes, enhanced webhooks and more

We have streamlined the menu, removed unnecessary options, and categorized the remaining ones into logical groupings

You can allocate tasks at the product level from both the product detail page & task page

We have enhanced the webhooks with advanced filters, and users will have an option to customize the JSON Structure

You can create a brand as a profile and maintain product information at the brand level, which allows users to syndicate products to a channel from a specific brand

Now you will have an option to view only the products which are uploaded via import in the products listing page

We have included date filters in the resync process while fetching products using Magento Connector

We have made enhancements to the Shopify and Amazon integrations

V 9.9 - Amazon Central updates, enhanced date picker in the export config, and more

You can now create and update products with variants to Amazon Seller Central and Vendor Central using SP API

You can compare and verify whether the attribute data between PIM and Channel is matched or mismatched

You can configure and view variant attributes at the product level in a single view

You can now fetch only variant attributes from your product catalog using PIMWorks API

Attributes, taxonomy, category, and vendors creation and updation have been made simple with the PIMWorks API

Super users and Primary users can access and manage their profiles using PIMworks API

V 9.8 - Bigcommerce API updates, enhanced store-level control, and UX improvements

We have now enhanced the store-level access control for users enabling them to create custom user profiles within each account and provide permissions.

You can now automatically map categories at the store level with the taxonomy node

You can create, update, or delete products with variants from the Woocommerce platform

You will be able to map and send custom product meta fields from Bigcommerce to PIMworks and vice versa

We have updated our API connections to the latest version of Bigcommerce

You can now view the price intelligence module within the products detail page. You can now maintain the bill of material information across optional products

Users can now create multiple vendors and provide access to upload data along with approval workflow

V 9.6 - User role creations, access controls, and UX improvements

Users can now create custom user profiles and provide permissions at an attribute level

We have enhanced our UI in the import module with a clear segmentation of source types and downloadable templates

You can now mark products as Not Available, which will allow the users to restrict the presence of the product to a specific store

We have also improved the look and feel of the Channel subscription module. You can now subscribe and unsubscribe to channels much quicker

We have made a feature to control the availability of a product on the Magento website

V 9.4 - Get notified of errors, maintain accurate values and more

Validate files and get notified of errors before creating products with PIMworks. You can now solve any potential issues early on

Cleanse files as you import them into PIMworks and ensure accurate and error-free data.

Maintain accurate values of each attribute in your multiple Magento stores with PIMworks.

Experience an enhanced Shopify version.

V 8.9 - Easy batch viewing and sorting, UI changes, and much more

You can send products to the Opentext catalog through API

You can sort order for attributes at the taxonomy node level

You can configure and view attributes across channels at the product level

We have made UI changes to view the sync status for Variant in the Parent product itself

Easily view batches of products that you send to channels through the listing page.

V 9.3 - Improved API handling, key module enhancements, and more

You can access PIMworks API from multiple applications using PIMworks-generated tokens

You can create and update products in the WISH marketplace via PIMworks

We have handled FedEx API throttling for better performance

We have enhanced the Enrichment module to make bulk edits of descriptions and image attributes easily

We have made enhancements to the Asset module to view the summary of uploaded images

V 8.9 - Easy batch viewing and sorting, UI changes, and much more

You can send products to the Opentext catalog through API

You can sort order for attributes at the taxonomy node level

You can configure and view attributes across channels at the product level

We have made UI changes to view the sync status for Variant in the Parent product itself

Easily view batches of products that you send to channels through the listing page.

V 8.8 - Schedule integrations, and enhanced attribute groups

You can now schedule integrations with the FedEx API

Now you have the option to set order for attribute groups

We have made enhancements to the Shopify and Magento integrations

We have enhanced the detail page view to hide attributes

We have enhanced the attribute rule functionality too

V8.7 - Sequence orders, vendor profile enhancements and more

You can now have option to create vendor and its details on screen

You can now view the summary details in Vendor ,Channel and Shipping profiles

You can now give sequence order for rule and also can view rule preview in attribute rule summary page

Enhanced option to search/filter/sort/bulk edit in Vendor and channel profile

V8.6 - Fedex integration, vendor attributes and more

PIMworks now provides Fedex shipping integration

You can now calculate shipping details through Fedex API

You can now run all vendor attribute rules from both vendor and channel profiles

We have now enhanced vendor attribute rule with date logic

V8.5 - Vendor and Channel profiles, new rules, templates, and more

Now You can choose the attributes you want to send to the Magento channel

Now, you can maintain Vendor Profile and Channel Profile within PIMWorks

Now you can have rules configured with Vendor and channel attributes in PIMWorks

We have enhanced variant updation for Houzz and Walmart channel

Now you can save or edit templates at the user level instead of the account level with the custom view

V8.3 - New error responses, enhanced filters and much more

Now you can validate any input file and check for errors while uploading it

You can view store-wise attributes for Magento using the toggle on/off button from the product detail page itself.

Check Sync status, Last Sync status, and search history for all channels in Custom view

Now you can edit the rules set without refreshing or reloading the page

Create batches for enrichment directly from the import screen, and import in CSV format too

V8.2 - New error responses, enhanced filters and much more

You can now update product data with image properties in bulk through import module for Magento channel

We have defined PIMWorks API response and error codes in Industrial format for better user experience

You can now view the API response in product detail page without downloading it

We have enhanced our Attribute rule module with new operators and conditions

We have brought in new filter options in custom view

V7.8.1 - Read-write access, image validation, and more

Localization of the menu is now made possible. Also, we have bought in a new secondary unique identifier.

We have improved the way in which we handle Magento images by fetching its properties

Now users can control and set the access as read or read-write at module level

We have fixed the system time error. Now the application shows the time as per your system.

We have enhanced the filter options in the completeness column of the product listing page.

We can now filter products based on the completeness score.

V 7.9 - Sync management, API enhancements, and more

We have brought in Sync Management for multiple stores with improved channel handling

Now you can handle Quantity data in Magento

We have included filter options for healthcheck status from the product listing page

We have made enhancements to the PIMWorks API.

V7.8 - Simplified integration process and other fine tunings

We have now simplified the healthcheck process flow for Magento Integration

You can now send multiple products using Send to API in a single click

We have enhanced PIMWorks’ API responses

We have cleaned our windows polished our glasses. Everything should be good now.

V 7.7 - Major Magento Enhancements and bug fixes

You can now handle Related products, Upsell and cross-sell products and Attribute data type with ease on the Magento marketplace

You can now have a configuration for Display orders in the export module

Users can now configure Default status for creating new products in PIMWorks

Filter options and notifications needed enhancement, so we enhanced them

V7.6 - Instant Product Syndication, improved efficiency and more

Now you can instantly send products to API directly from the product detail page

Monitoring your product’s availability and the assortment is now made simple with the Product Monitoring Dashboard.

We have made efforts for you to check the Health check scores of your products along with other product information while updating or creating them.

The variant product gets highlighted if the health check status for that product fails.

Now, you can select 2 attributes to be listed out in Custom View.

V7.4 - Schedule, Sync, Search, and repeat. Amazon marketplace updates and much more

We have introduced a 2-way sync now. You can now create and update products on Amazon.ca

We have enabled Email notification for product downloads. Also, you can Easily view Healthcheck status and sync status on the listing page itself.

Schedule the export from PIMWorks to your FTP once a day.

Image searching is now available in the Assets module itself. We have moved all the images now to the Amazon S3 instance.

We have enhanced our Dashboard view so that you can get a better view of your product reports.

V7.2 - Custom view edit, scheduled export, and more

You can easily edit products in bulk with a custom view. Who wants to do a single edit when you can do it in bulk?

You can now have your files imported into PIMworks from FTP folders. The best part is you can import them at a scheduled time that too every day

Option products can now be sent to Magento. They felt left out, so we decided to tag them along

Categories in Magento can now be synced back to PIMworks. What is life without some give and take

You can now configure possible values and priority of an attribute at the taxonomy level easily

V7.0 - Managing advanced conditions has never gotten easier

You will be able to create/update/delete products with variants in Walmart. Who wants to do all those without variants, right?

You can now manage advanced IF, Else If, and nested IF conditions in the attribute module

You can now save copy data actions as templates to reduce time and improve efficiency. Yipee!!!!

We have improved the Import module so that it can handle larger volumes of data.

V6.7 - Better search and retrieval, multiple ids management more

Searching and retrieving any data across all platforms is now possible with a custom view.

You can now pass Multiple IDs in the taxonomy node and the attribute node to GET data. Single ID wasn't fun for us.

Syncing of data between your Magento store and PIMworks is now made possible. You can sync them seamlessly and make them best friends

V6.6 - Instant syncing and smoother product experience

Instantly sync data changes to external endpoints using webhooks cause if it isn't instant, it isn't worth it.

You will be able to associate digital assets in the repository to products through file import just by giving file names.

You can now create and update products to walmart.com seamlessly.

We have polished our engines and made improvements in the visibility of the health check scores.

V6.4 - No touch process for Amazon marketplace is here

You can now create and update products seamlessly in Houzz.com.

We have introduced a no-touch process for you to create new products on the Amazon marketplace. Stay safe, don't touch things.

We have listened to you and enhanced the user experience on the product detail, custom catalog, and taxonomy modules.

V6.2 - Increased attribute management, faster data processing, and more

You can manage 500 attributes for taxonomy nodes and health checks. We want you to think of more attributes; the more, the merrier.

You can now bulk update product data through the import module without having a taxonomy node as a mandatory field.

We have tuned our engine and given it a thorough clean. Imported data files will now be processed quickly and efficiently.

Our filters were leaking. We have repaired it, and it should be working smoother now.

V6.0 - Dynamic Health check, product taxonomy mapping, and more

You can now get instant health check validation scores for channel level data from the product detail page since it's easier this way.

You can directly change a product from one taxonomy node to another in bulk from the product list page. Why do it one by one when you can do it in bulk, right?

Select products from multiple pages and assign tasks in bulk.

Now, adding pipe value in the bulk enrichment module for tags data types will sync as Tags instead of text in the repository because that's what it's supposed to do.

Docs data type can now be grouped under the image tab in bulk enrichment to club media together.