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Digital Asset Management

Informative product images and attractive catalogs influence your customers' buying decisions and help you stand apart from your competition. Maintain tons of digital assets from a centralized repository and save more time in your business.

Locate media files quickly using sophisticated search capabilities
Automate workflows and enhance team creativity
Share branded assets across marketplaces
Anytime, anywhere file sharing & access
Organize assets in folders and subfolders

Attract more customers with PIMworks

Provide irresistible product experience, get customized solutions and enhance your overall business capabilities with PIMworks.

Our Digital Asset Management is unique. Here’s how

Digital asset management plays an important role in the retention of customers. You can provide a seamless customer experience with PIMworks' DAM capabilities.

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Customizable storage space

multi channel ecommerce

We believe that the more digital assets you have, the better the chances are for you to win over your competitors. Upload tons of digital assets, download them from top-performing websites and never fear running out of storage space again. Get customized storage spaces to store and maintain all your digital assets with PIMworks.

Cloud storage capabilities

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Hardware storage devices and methods are prone to failure, virus attacks, and other mishaps. PIMworks has you covered on that part. Maintain your entire product content and digital assets on the cloud. Upload various files within seconds, easily search and retrieve them, and get a secured digital data storage medium with PIMworks.

product information management
multi channel ecommerce

Multiple file format support

multi channel ecommerce

Product images alone wouldn't help you do the trick when it comes to outsmarting your competition. Other digital assets like videos, GIFs, pdf files, etc., are needed to beautify your product catalog. PIMworks support all the different types and formats of digital assets to improve your catalog however you like.

Centralized repository

product information management

Managing tons of digital assets becomes very difficult when they are scattered across different places. With PIMworks, you get a centralized repository for managing all your assets. You can maintain brand consistency, share them across marketplaces and improve customer satisfaction.

product information management

Ensure effective brand management

Maintain consistent product catalogs across marketplaces and achieve more in your business with PIMworks