Selling across multiple channels can be a tiresome process if your teams work in silos. Proper workflow management can help automate your entire business and add more stability by improving coordination and efficiency between teams.

Assign tasks in bulk to individual members

Get notified instantly of various task updates

Track and update the status of each task

Get flexible hierarchy management process

Reduce redundant manual errors

Product experience management

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Our Workflow Management system is unique. Here’s how

Improved Connectivity among teams

pim ecommerce features

Employees have communication tools to connect with each other. But what about their work? PIMworks’ workflow management module enables different teams to stay connected with each other under a single roof. This improvement in connectivity enables the teams to get more work done in a short period of time thereby improving the overall productivity.

pim ecommerce features
pim ecommerce features

Automation of Manual tasks

pim ecommerce features

Manual tasks are prone to errors and also consume a lot of time. Automating your tasks not only helps in improving the overall time but also reduces redundant errors thereby making your entire business highly efficient. PIMworks also provides predefined rules and guidelines based on each channel thereby making syndication that much more simple.

Simplified Multiple task management

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With different teams working towards the same goal, assigning tasks one by one may take a lot of time and effort. PIMworks’ workflow management module enables the user to assign tasks in bulk to various teams simultaneously. Also, you can track and monitor the progress of each task thereby staying in control of your business always.

pim ecommerce features
pim ecommerce features

Easier role management and data access

pim ecommerce features

Delegating work among team members is one of the most crucial elements in a workflow management system. With each user given a unique role, the admin can control who gets to see what and can choose to display or hold back sensitive information to particular users. This reduces micromanagement and improves team morale.

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