Whether you are a newbie or an eCommerce wizard who knows the business inside out –  running an etail empire could be draining.

It is not like we know all your troubles or about the things that particularly makes you anxious. But, we’ve been in the retail industry for over a decade and we can quite relate to the everyday experience of an eCommerce entrepreneur.

Hence, here are some really entertaining gifs that we thought retailers like you can sit back, grab an ice tea and enjoy.

10 Ridiculously Relatable GIFs for Retailers :

1. When you see customers shooting mean tweets about your support services and how sloppy your websites are.

2. When your marketing teams report to you about the viral engagement on all your social channels.

3. When your customers are being too fragile and don’t feel adequate about your omnichannel innovations.

4. When your competitor steals your thunder with a better sale day offer that was planned by you in the first place.

5. When your cart abandonment is on the rise and you are sitting there like “wth is going wrong?”

6. When someone quotes Jeff Bezos or Jack Ma.

7. When your business starts doing well and you begin to judge the strategies of all the newbies in the market with a critical eye.

8. When you finally onboard a popular influencer or celebrity you’ve been dying to sign endorsements with.

9. When your competitors rank first for all the keywords you’ve been eyeing on.

10. When you like heading for work because you know your team is as awesome and determined like you.

Whenever your work lulls you to sleep, return here to get your spirits high by scrolling through these gifs to know all retailers face this!

Also, comment below your most favorite one and do share it with someone who’d enjoy this as much as you did.


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