‘Click’ and ‘Order successfully placed’ has become the shopping mantra today. The online shopping world allows customers to shop for everything they want without leaving their homes. But this is not enough to thrill the shoppers of today. We are in the year 2022, and online shoppers are more experienced than ever. These customers have learned everything there is to know about online shopping and are not as likely to be persuaded by marketing gimmicks or sales pitches. Hence businesses need to focus on providing a smooth and productive online shopping experience from beginning to end.

Current trends in the online shopping experience

In the busy world, shoppers have no time for any confusion. They want to make sure that they choose the right one. They, in turn, turn to the internet to quickly understand what is best for them. According to the statistics from Think with Google, 63% of the customers begin their buying journey online. This is regardless of whether they are shopping from an ecommerce or a brick-and-mortar store. Hence, having a strong online presence is essential for all businesses, no matter how small or big. 

Further, the shoppers are more experienced and discerning. They know what they want and are not likely to be easily impressed by flashy discounts, fast delivery times, or easy return policy alone. Today majority of the shoppers are willing to spend extra for a worthwhile online shopping experience. For example, imagine a shopper deciding to buy a microwave oven. He/she quickly checks online for the product descriptions of different ovens and compares the customer reviews to make the right choice. Hence, businesses should make it easy for the buyers to find the product information they are looking for, and purchase with minimal hassle.

What is PIM?

Product information management (PIM)  is a software application that helps companies store, organize, and manage product data under a single roof. This includes everything from product descriptions to images and videos. PIMworks is a simple PIM tool with tailored features to suit your business!
 Additionally, a PIM can automate communication between stakeholders such as marketing, sales, distribution channels, and customer service teams. By consolidating all the information in one place, it makes it easier for the frontline employees to make informed decisions. By doing this efficiently and effectively, it can save time and energy that could be better used for improving the ecommerce customer experience itself.

How does PIM help in improving the online shopping experience?

There are now hundreds of ways that customers can buy products online. However, businesses that can provide them with a productive customer experience across all touchpoints of the purchase journey, will be the winners. According to the survey conducted by Ventana Research 3 out of 5 organizations benefit from improved ecommerce customer experience by adopting effective PIM systems.

An effective PIM streamlines the process of managing product information. This includes:

  • Registering new products
  • Updating existing product descriptions
  • Creating a detailed product catalog
  • Managing sales data, and stock inventory

This, in turn, makes it easy for consumers to receive accurate product information, and find the right products. They can make informed purchase decisions faster and easier than ever before.

For example, imagine you run a footwear business and your customer wants to purchase a shoe online. He/she would scroll through multiple websites and ecommerce channels before they make the decision. If your product experience varies across platforms, your customer tends to get confused and lose trust. This way you might lose a potential customer. Adopting PIM software helps you easily offer customers a consistent ecommerce shopping experience and fuel your sales.

5 easy ways to improve your online shopping experience with PIMworks

PIMworks is a unique PIM solution to fuel your business. It is the most flexible, and affordable PIM software, offering a tailored product management experience to businesses of all sizes, small, medium, and large. It helps you easily manage data and cater to a standard shopping experience to keep the customers returning.

Here is how PIMworks can help you enhance your shopper’s purchase journey.

Provides rich product information

Research by Power Reviews shows that shoppers who read rich product content are more likely to make a purchase than those who don’t. Creating rich and informative product content is the most important way to enhance the shopping experience for your customers. This includes carefully researched and accurately described product content that is easy to understand and navigate. It should provide the shoppers with a snapshot of how the product would look, feel, and function in real life.

PIMworks helps you to create rich product content that is easy to understand and sells your products. Using PIMworks, you can effortlessly manage all the product-specific content like specifications, reviews, and pictures on all desired ecommerce platforms. Its automated content enrichment feature allows you to tailor your content based on your customer requirements while complying with the market guidelines. 

Provides a consistent ecommerce shopping experience

PIMworks helps you to effectively manage and optimize product information for your shoppers. Its simple DAM feature helps in systematically organizing the data, under a single roof. This further makes it easier for stores to provide customers with accurate and consistent product information, across all marketplaces. This way customers have an enhanced online shopping experience, no matter where and when.

Imagine a business provides varying product information or images in different marketing channels. This leads to an inconsistent brand experience. As a result, the shoppers are confused and they abandon the purchase. This is exactly why it is necessary to offer a consistent ecommerce customer experience.

Provides a multi-channel shopping experience

Currently, the multi-channel shopping experience is becoming popular. It is important to be ready to serve your customers from where they are. This provides the customers with more choice and flexibility. Additionally, it can save time by allowing the customers to shop faster than if they could only shop through one channel.

PIMworks’ multi-channel syndication feature helps you to instantly syndicate with desired ecommerce platforms and allows consumers to view product information on various channels, including the website, app, or marketplaces. This helps them to make an informed decision about which product to buy.

Helps the shopper receive the right product

Research by Power Reviews states that 33% of the shoppers return their products because they don’t find the product matching the product descriptions or images provided by the seller on the website or marketplace. PIMworks allows you to check for outdated information and keep your product data updated. The tool syndicates uniform and accurate product data across all channels, helping the customers shop for their desired product from where they are, at any time without hassle. 

Makes the products easy searchable

PIMworks makes your products easily searchable by assigning specific keywords to each product page. This helps consumers research your products in a more consistent and timely manner and quickly find what they are looking for. Additionally, PIMworks allows you to create dynamic content that is automatically updated as new information as your products become available. So, if improving the searchability of your products is one of your goals then PIMworks could be a valuable investment for you!

PIMworks offers a variety of other useful features to improve the efficiency of your online business while providing a superior online shopping experience to your consumers! Also, PIMworks is an ideal choice for businesses of any size or genre. Why wait? Book a free trial today!


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