Hard work really pays off! It always feels surreal to get results for all our hard work and dedication. Thanks to G2 for choosing PIMworks as the leader in the PIM category and for recognizing our effort in providing the best customer experience. We would like to express our gratitude to our customers who have always been our greatest source of inspiration.

Ever since its inception, PIMworks has always been aimed at innovation. We commit to provide the best experience to our customers, and thus, we innovate and create features and incorporate them into our systems. It makes us really happier when our customers acknowledge our commitment to them. 

G2, the world’s leading business solutions review platform crowned PIMworks as the leader in the PIM software category. G2 is one of the biggest online marketplaces for software and services reviews, with 2,000 businesses and more than 5 million monthly users. Customer satisfaction scores obtained directly from user reviews, standard features, and market presence are used to determine G2 recognition. We always work towards delivering our vision to the clients with utmost transparency. 

Why we are the leader in the PIM segment?

Deployment is a piece of cake 

One of the biggest concerns we repeatedly heard from clients is “how long does it take to deploy your PIM software?” With PIMworks, you can accelerate your product information management journey with ease. With PIMworks, you may hasten your PIM journey as we develop and deploy an initial solution that meets your demands and is time-sculpted to perfection. 

Without wasting time, money, or resources, PIMworks enables clients to integrate PIM into their existing workflow quickly and effectively. 

“The product team customized the software to our needs. The UI was also self-explanatory and easy to learn. The suite also worked well along with our existing workflow as it provides a good degree of integration with other tools.” says a leading Information Technology and Service provider. 

We won’t create a hole in your pocket

PIM is leveraged by industries of all sizes and shapes. For SMEs, the affordability factor plays a huge role while making the purchase. With a vision to help organizations of all sizes, PIMworks offers its solutions at an affordable price without compromising on the quality. We maintain a transparent pricing strategy that enables you to strategize your resource spendings. We don’t charge any hidden fees during the course of our partnership. 

You choose what you want is our key philosophy.  Therefore, we offer customized solutions that help you to choose the right features for your business from a pool of our capabilities. Our flexible pricing strategy enables us to deliver our solutions within your expected budget. 

“The feature set of PIMworks is quite impressive and they have all the latest market features. The pricing is also on the lower side” quoted by a growing Information & Technology provider. 

A support team that works for you 24/7

This is a claim that almost all the companies make during their promotions. So, we are backing the statement with relevant proofs to make it a fact rather than a claim. 

“PIMworks’ support team is top-notch. They cater to all my needs and are very friendly too” quoted by an IT service provider. 

This is one of the reviews we received through G2 from one of our verified users. Our support team is one of the most acknowledged capabilities of ours that helped us to achieve this feat. It also helped our clients to make their PIM journey smooth and effective. We value your time, and hence our support team is readily available to aid you with any queries or constraints that you may have while you use our tool. 

Flexible solutions to meet your demands

Multichannel ecommerce strategy is gaining momentum in recent years. Our data syndication feature makes this process easy for you. Each online shopping platform has its own guidelines and submission criteria. Managing product data for all of your sales channels would be a challenging task. 

Our seamless data syndication capability helps our clients to ensure consistency across multiple platforms for improved brand visibility. If we are currently not offering data syndication to any platform, don’t worry! we will get it done for you. Our expert team will customize a solution for you where you can syndicate your data to any platform of your choice. 

“The eCommerce channels with which PIMworks integrates are tremendous. There are lots of channels and the API integration and syndication is quite easy and very much effective” says a user from the IT industry. 

According to Sara Rossio, Chief Product Officer of G2, “rankings on G2 reports are based on data provided to us by real software buyers.” PIMworks has a mission to fulfill customer needs and create solutions that can bring positive results for their business. We cater to our customers by developing solutions that answer their unique business needs. 

Once again thanks to all our customers for the immense support all throughout the journey. And a special thanks to our exceptionally competent support, sales, and development teams, who went beyond the norms and created a reliable platform that is relied on by many. We are looking forward to hearing your feedback to bring in more innovative solutions. 

Want to know more about our capabilities? We are here to help you out! Talk to us to have a deeper understanding about PIMworks


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