Gone are the days when people got ready and stepped out for grocery shopping. Today people are getting normalized to in-house grocery shopping where with just a tap, you will get your order in the shortest time possible. According to Technavio, the market share for online grocery delivery services is anticipated to expand by USD 800.00 billion between 2020 and 2025, with a CAGR of 25.25%. People did shift from the way they looked at the product packages. Currently, they understand the product by scrolling through the product page to identify what is inside these packets. This radical shift demands a very comprehensive product page that is updated, relevant and accurate. 

Nowadays, going online with your retail business is the standard. If you want to draw in more customers, you must be available on numerous marketplaces so that you can serve them where they are. Maintaining hundreds of product portfolios across numerous sales channels can be a challenging task that causes data errors and poor customer experience. That’s why a PIM solution is a must for grocery retailers to stay updated in the industry with the right product information. A dedicated PIM tool can bring value to online grocery shopping in a myriad of ways. 

Follow the rules and regulations

When you are showcasing your products through a sales window, you need to follow certain laws and regulations. Missing these laws can create some serious legal complications. A Product Information Management tool will maintain your product data and enable you to follow the guidelines of the platform with ease. PIMworks aids in gathering product information that is channel-compliant from a variety of sources. A PIM solution helps the user to make smarter purchasing decisions by delivering product information gathered from accurate and trusted sources. Groceries are bound to very less shelf life which causes the customers to be conscious about the expiry date and the ingredients list. PIM provides all this information about the product to the customer and thereby enhances sales. 

For instance, if you are selling any beverage which includes dairy products, you need to mention the addition of milk in the product information section to alarm people who are lactose intolerant. This way customers will develop a sense of loyalty towards your brand which will contribute to your brand image. With the help of a PIM solution, you can include specific categories like dairy, vegan, and vegetarian and categorize your products accordingly. This process makes it easy for the customer to identify the products they need without wasting time. 

Monetize the market peaks 

Grocery demand surge during particular peak seasons. The success of digital and e-commerce depends on quick turnaround times. Online grocery retailers must be able to anticipate and respond to variations in demand brought on by events, seasons and festivals. For instance, time around the Christmas season will witness a high demand for groceries as people are busy treating their loved ones with the best food and hospitality. A PIM tool will help you to gear  up for this season with its efficient product data handling and its enrichment. 

Cloud-based PIM helps companies to readily take advantage of market possibilities without placing additional strain on your internal resources. The online grocery sales increased by 12.5% during December 2021. These are times when grocery retailers introduced promotions, new product launches and stock up their supply to adhere to the market demand. With a focused PIM tool, retailers can update their existing inventory and also can integrate new products and promotions across numerous selling platforms. The centralized approach can help online retailers make the change in PIM software and the change will be reflected across the sales channels in a fraction of seconds. 

Wear transparency like a crown

People are on the lookout for honesty everywhere. According to Fleishman-Hillard, 89% of customers use Google, Bing, or other search engines to research goods, services, or companies before making purchases. When they search for a product in multiple channels, they are expecting consistency in the data they see. A PIM tool can syndicate and enrich your data across multiple sales channels in a streamlined fashion. Sensitive information like ingredients, price and expiry data needs to be updated frequently to prevent any kind of miscommunication with the customer. 

A PIM tool can help you achieve transparency when dealing with your customer which will enhance your brand value. For example, let’s imagine a person is looking to buy Ferrero Rocher during an offer season. When she/he looks at your platform to buy that chocolate, they are expecting a discount on its price. If you forget to update the price during the offer season, that will disappoint the customer and create a poor impression about your company. Releasing time updates about a product, strategy or scheme frequently using a PIM tool can help you boost your sales as it is more transparent from the customer standpoint.

Accelerate your sales through visuals

The image and the visual assets you see in a product listing platform influence your purchase. From a study conducted by Search Engine Journal, 63% of people say their purchase decision is influenced by product image. With the aid of a PIM software, online grocery retailers can add important content and graphics to master data to attract its customers. On the internet, in stores, and on mobile devices, your product data must convey an appealing story. A product information management system will do this job better. 

For instance, if you are listing any kind of ready-to-eat food or beverage in your online grocery platform, the image and all the associated visual assets must be compelling enough to attract customers. A customized PIM tool can help grocery retailers to add value to their product data with these visual assets for better conversion. 

PIMworks is helping numerous retailers across the globe to digitize their in-store grocery shelves. Simplify your online grocery retail journey with our customized PIM solutions. We provide dedicated support to grocery retailers using our PIM solutions which are dedicated to the needs of grocery retailers. 


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