IRCE is one of the eminent retail events, that is educative, helpful, and truly one of its kind. With over 130 sessions, workshops, and keynote speeches covering various retail topics, eCommerce industry folks can gain a lot of value by learning the latest trends through these strategic sessions. Happening all through June 25 to 28, 2019 at the McCormick Place South, Chicago IRCE 2019 is packed with three days of learning, networking, and a lot of opportunities!

The IRCE 2019 event is something to definitely watch out for because you’d have nearly 600 top solution and technology vendors exhibiting at the event. You can be sure of meeting with several eCommerce solution providers right from payment and shipping solutions, setting up online stores, or improving customer experiences through PIMs, etc.

You can go through the complete agenda right here that helps you with the topics covered and the speakers for the events at the IRCE 2019.

What is the most intriguing session at IRCE 2019?

There are some interesting sessions on the hot retail innovations, Amazon advertising, what you need to know about behavioral metrics, etc. But, the one that caught our eye was “Exceeding shopper expectations now and in the future”.

The session covers what are the expectations of shoppers today – engaging websites, innovations in merchandising, same-day delivery, and personalization.

The agenda and description of this session, in particular, got us thinking – every level of hyper-personalization efforts we take and the shopper expectations can be widely classified into two parts. One is the kind of experience your shopper gets before making the purchase, the one that induces the buying action and two, after the purchase.

The expectations of a shopper right from the quick delivery dates, post-sale services, flexible exchange policies, and exceptional marketing efforts to keep them informed of products that are in-line with their tastes and preferences.

Our take on personalization – What is that one striking reason that concludes a sale?

Online business owners in the eCommerce industry often overlook the significance of information on the product pages. The product data is the salesman in disguise for digital selling. The data in addition to being complete and accurate also needs to be contextual and personalized.

Every customer is unique and demands a unique shopping experience. Right from the 360-degree representation of product data elements to the contextualization of information based on the customer preferences and demography, the personalization efforts begin with product data.

Product data is inclusive of – product titles, product description, pricing information, digital assets, etc. When a customer lands on the product page and concludes a sale based upon the information presented there, personalization begins.

Once the payment is made, they expect on-time shipment and delivery of the purchased item. They also appreciate timely responses to their woes and concerns. The next step of hyper-personalization begins when they are reminded and recommended of products to buy through various communication channels.

This kind of interpretation takes place through constant monitoring and collection of information by tracking the buying patterns, behavior, and response to price changes. With periodic insights and consistent trial and error, a personalized experience becomes a reality.

But, this is just one part of it. The personalization concept works as a cycle. The very starting point of this is when the buyer makes their first purchase. Personalization is even a possibility to consider upon making the initial hook with the buyer.

To make the first engagement a reality, brushing aside the sales and marketing efforts that got them there –   can only conclude a sale if the product data presented is compelling enough.

PIMworks is a product experience management solution that helps you define the ideal product information in the changing world. To meet the demands of the customer in the present day,  you need a solution that prepares and enriches your product content to make the product experience contextual, customer-centric, and conversion-driven.

Not just that, PIMworks has a bundle of other additional features that’ll help you take your first step towards personalization.  Be sure to check them out!

Quick attendee hacks for the event – What not to miss?

  1. Gartner predicts that B2B companies with good online personalization strategies will capture far more sales than those without it. So don’t miss this session. Here are the details.
    • When: June 25                       
    • Time: 1:45 pm to 2:15 pm
    • Speaker: Lauren Freedman, Senior Consumer Insights  Analyst, DigitalCommerce360/Internet Retailer
  2.  Utilize the variety of exhibits at the IRCE 2019 as it is a very diverse event and networking with the right people and getting the right consultations can really help you up the game.
  3.  There are several industry experts from Gartner, Internet retailer, and Amazon who’d be sharing their experiences and wisdom that can really help you grow your business.
  4.  Nevertheless, don’t forget to make some friends and also have a good fun time.

Wrapping  Up

At PIMworks, we’ve always believed a successful etail business is the one that has realized the importance of customer experience and thrives to deliver the best.

If you want to grow your business, you have to pay keen attention to product experience management. Only if the customer feels convinced and elated about how contextual and comprehensive the information has made the buying decision a quick process, a conversion happens.

A PXM solution will help you build the product experience your customer deserves. You can learn more about PIMworks here.

And hey, have fun at the IRCE 2019 event and stay tuned to our part 2 of this series to know how the conference was – the event highlights and the major takeaways!



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