They say the new year brings in new opportunities. We are glad to start our new year in a super great way. We are glad that PIMworks has made it to the G2 Grid as one of the top Product Information Management (PIM) players, and we couldn’t be more happier about this.

G2, a listing and review platform, is a leading tech marketplace where businesses can discover, manage, and review the products they need to achieve their goal. This platform is host to many PIM software, and we are proud that we are one among the few to have been listed on their annual Grid for the PIM category. 

Entering G2’s Grid is no easy feat. Before placing a software/product on their Grid, many parameters are taken into account, and not all products that achieve the said parameters are placed on the Grid. Only a handful of products with a good market presence are considered. 

What made PIMworks reach the grid

Source:, 17 Jan 2022 

Ever since we got associated with G2, our goal was to get listed on their annual Grid as a major PIM player, and one of the main reasons for us to achieve this milestone is you, our customers. That’s right, this achievement was made possible by all your support and constant feedback that helped us make our product even better. Although there are many reasons for us to get placed on their Grid, these are the top parameters that made PIMworks burst into the Grid as a leading player.

  1. Our Overall Reviews 

Your customer satisfaction is measured in the positive reviews that you receive. Numbers don’t lie. With an overall rating of 4.7 on 5, PIMworks was able to stay on par with all the market leaders. Many users found our software very easy to use and were completely happy with the many integrations. This helped us rank better among competitors and paved our Grid entry.

  1. Our customizable features

Each user is unique, and so will be their products. With our market standard features and customizations, many users found our software suited to their needs, which helped us increase our overall G2 score. Our various integrations and market-first instant product syndication made PIMworks stay ahead of the rest. It ensured that we got ourselves placed on the Grid. 

  1. Our Market presence

If getting more reviews is very important, so is being recognized in the market. G2 takes into account a product’s overall brand value and market presence. With our customer base spread across 20+ countries, our significant brand presence has been acknowledged by G2, providing us a good score and placing us in an upward position.

  1. Customer satisfaction

Until you understand your customers deeply and genuinely, you cannot truly serve them. G2 has recognized our high customer satisfaction score, which has helped us reach this milestone and given us the resolve to achieve more in the coming days. 

The road ahead for PIMworks

We believe that keeping ourselves updated with all the market trends can help us grow better and meet our customer requirements.

We see entering the G2 grid as a stepping stone for greater things to come our way. And we are grateful to our customers at this moment.  We have prepared and built many new features through the feedback we received from you, and we thank you for that.  With PIMworks by your side, let this new year bring in many recognitions to serve you more.


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