2022 couldn’t have started on a better note for us. Awards and accolades are coming our way, and we can’t wait to share them with you. The latest addition to our list of awards and recognitions is special for us. Software Suggest has named us the “Most Popular Software” for 2022, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about this. 

Source: Software Suggest

Software Suggest is an online platform that helps businesses, organizations, and professionals choose the right software solutions. It is a listing platform that simplifies software discovery for the user with authenticated reviews, ratings, and feature comparison. 

With an increased number of user signups, more positive product reviews across channels like G2 and Capterra, and a rise in the number of customers acquired last year, it was about time that we got recognized in the market, and what better way than being named the most popular software. 

What makes PIMworks the most popular software

  1. Great customer experience

A software’s journey towards becoming a great software lies not in the feature that it provides, but the user experience that the customers get from it. PIMworks’ intuitive UI and easy-to-understand workflow make it a user-friendly software. Anyone can use PIMworks, and that is the beauty of it. 

  1. Market first feature list

From instantly syndicating product data to different marketplaces to managing various vendor information, you can get it all done with PIMworks. We constantly update ourselves and aim to get all the latest features available in the market implemented into PIMworks. 

  1. Completely customizable software 

Each user or business wants to do the same thing differently, and the software must be smart enough to support that. The customizable features list of PIMworks makes it stand ahead of its competitors. The unique customizations help us deliver what the customer wants, and the customer too can quickly scale their business by improving their overall productivity.  

Creating great software is one thing, but being popular is a whole different ball game. It would have been impossible for us to get the most popular software title without the honest reviews, ratings, and good things that our users have shared about us with the market. We want to thank you for that, and we hope to receive many more such awards in the future with your constant support and encouragement. 

For others reading this blog, join PIMworks and make your PIM software journey a one to remember. 


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