As we look back on the highlights of the year that is coming to a wrap, we can’t help but let you know of every detail about our awards from finance online that was like a cherry on the cake in a bright 2019. 

This year has been incredible for us as it marked the biggest milestone for a newbie like PIMworks as we hit our first 100 customers. If you go around asking any team that is behind PIMworks – be it the product engineers, marketers or sales managers to state their biggest goal and vision for the product – it would unanimously be one thing – to deliver the best user experience.

This is what we strive for, and will continue to lead by this value. A product would shine bright and sustain in the market if it identifies and resolves the challenges of its customers and gives them a good user experience. This is exactly why our team is always shedding blood, sweat, and tears into obsessively improving the UI and UX, bringing in new features, and building new integrations and this year we are happy to announce we’ve been conferred with awards appreciating us for user experience.

The two awards we received from Financesonline

Rising Star 2019

Within a very short span from the time PIMworks was out in the market, it marked a significant presence among other top PIM solution providers. This is particularly because of some special features of PIMworks that made several heads turn from the popular ones.

The automated product data enrichment feature that is an added feather in the cap sets us apart from other PIM players. This helps in preparing accurate, multichannel-compliant, and comprehensive product catalogs that can help in improving the product experience and thus conversions.

Our platform is bundled with other special solutions like seller data on-boarding, Amazon SEO, price, MAP monitoring, Grey Market Abatement, Augmented Reality content, and consulting on eCommerce that makes it an end-to-end product experience management solution.

These unique features that are like a fresh breeze in the PIM market are probably why we have been recognized as the Rising Star of 2019 not just by FinancesOnline but also by another leading reviewer – Comparecamp. To read what industry experts can say about our product, check out this experts’ review of PIMworks.

PIMworks was recently recognized as the top 15 PIM software by Cllax .

Premium Usability 2019

As I already mentioned, the core idea of PIMworks is to help brands and retailers make the product experience management quick, efficient, and rewarding and we wanted to do this the right way. PIMworks is all about good user experience – with a seamless onboarding, partnering customer success, release fresh updates, work on customer feedback, and a lot more.

We take every feedback and review seriously and do everything it takes to improve user experience. From what our users say about us and the reviews we’ve been getting from our clients is why we think we’ve been conferred with the award for premium usability.

About Financesonline

Financesonline is a popular software review platform that helps business owners and users identify the best software vendors. The reviews are prepared by experts who do extensive research to present a comprehensive report of the software proposed.

A word of thanks

We’d like to thank Financesonline for recognizing PIMworks for its premium usability and as a Rising star. This was possible because of our reviewers and customers who had good things to say about us. They’ve been concerned about our growth with constructive feedback that our product engineers have always meticulously worked on. At the end of the day, it’s all a group effort which is why we think every member of the PIMworks team deserves a mention.

We’re set for 2020

The new year is almost here and we’re already working on some fresh updates and features that will roll out super-soon. Here’s a sneak-peek!

  • A new task workflow that helps in getting things done across teams with more ease and flexibility
  • An internal catalog channel that helps your sales and marketing teams to effectively share a preview of products
  • Publishing data from PIMworks has become even better with granular controls and FTP data push
  • An instant report card of Amazon digital shelf and there are ways to optimize it using PIMworks
  • PIMworks API now provides more endpoints to connect your applications

We’ll keep you posted on all the updates. There are more exciting things coming up – great content, fresh product updates, and more awards. To stay in touch, subscribe to our newsletter.


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