The single source of truth for all your data pool

Company snapshot

Our esteemed client, is one of the world's largest sellers of top-quality, name-brand, high-end audio products. Their volume allows them to provide the best components at the best prices, plus great service after the sale.

They have been a Greater Grand Rapids Better Business Member since 1981. They have provided knowledgeable and experienced audio sales and services worldwide for the past 40 years.

Business objectives


Centralized repository
for product data management

Catalog data enrichment
and compliance across channels

Challenges and Solutions

Our client maintains their product data in different mediums, which was difficult to track

PIMworks helped them maintain their brand value by introducing efficient ways to enrich product data

They wanted to enrich their product data before syndicating them to different channels

PIMworks made customizations feasible while syndicating data to Bigcommerce

They were struggling to send the entire product information into different channels as they could only extract the basic information from their ERP solution

PIMworks also enabled them the right to choose the data that had to be synced or edited for syndication

It was a challenge for them as they had to depend on vendors for accurate product information.

With detailed training in all the modules, they could do any backend changes independently, reducing the dependencies on vendors.

Bulk data edits and modifications simplified with PIMworks

Our Client, needed a tool that could bring in all the basic information from an ERP solution while enriching them and making it compliant according to the needs of each channel. With around 8000 SKUs to handle, PIMworks’ clever PIM solution enabled them with bulk edit options, which eased their efforts of modifying product data in bulk as and when there was an update.

In addition, our AI-assisted Automated data sync capabilities allowed them to achieve 2-way synchronization with the Bigcommerce channel, saving their side a lot of time and effort. With different data enrichment options, bulk edits, and mapping, PIMworks has become a central and vital cog in their business scheme of things as they now look to expand into wider horizons.