Our Client: A Staple Of Every Indian Household

Whether it's their sturdy locks, vibrant hair dyes, or fragrant soaps, our client’s products have woven themselves into the daily fabric of our lives.

Founded in 1897 ,our customer’s journey to success was marked by resilience and innovation. From humble beginnings, it has grown into a trusted brand, serving over750 million Indians across various sectors.

While our customer has long been associated with India, it may come as a surprise that over 25% of its business extends far beyond our borders, making it a truly global brand.

When ERP Wasn't Enough: E-commerce Data Syndication Challenges

The Indian multinational conglomerate needed to efficiently enhance and distribute their product data on the key eCommerce platforms like Flipkart and Amazon. Although they had a robust ERP system, it couldn't adapt to the specific demands of these online marketplaces.

Here’s why our customer had to move out of ERP systems to manage syndication:

  • ERPs are primarily used to manage internal processes and cannot handle the complexities of unique product information requirements of eCommerce platforms
  • Real-time updates may strain ERP systems
  • Data enrichment tasks cannot be handled by ERPs
  • Handling large data volumes can be challenging for ERPs
  • ERP integration with e-commerce platforms can be complex
  • Scalability issues may arise as data volume grows

To tackle this, they turned to PIMworks, a product information management platform that can help with instant content syndication supported by its native integrations with Amazon and Flipkart.

The Solution: PIMworks - Empowering Syndication

PIMworks, a Product Information Management platform stepped in to help. The goal was to not only import the SKU data into their PIM system but also enrich it to meet Flipkart and Amazon's standards.

  • PIMworks is natively integrated with Amazon that makes two-way synchronization of data possible
  • The product information is automatically enriched within PIMworks before taking the final catalog to the market
  • The product catalogs were not only compliant with each channel’s unique guidelines but also rich with accurate, consistent, and comprehensive information
  • PIMworks provided easy-to-use API templates that seamlessly fit in with the requirements of Amazon platform

Getting the products to market faster and in the right format

The collaboration with PIMworks brought about a transformation in the eCommerce syndication process. Product data, previously confined to the ERP system, now flowed smoothly through the PIMworks solution to the eCommerce platforms, enhancing online visibility.

With HCL Commerce syndication and improved Amazon & Flipkart syndication capabilities, they streamlined their operations, delivering enriched and accurate product data to online customers.

This not only improved their visibility but also solidified their position in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

Unlocking success with the right platform

As our customer continues to expand its reach in India and abroad, one thing remains constant - their legacy of trust, reliability, and innovation will continue to enrich lives, one product at a time. With this reduced dependency on maintaining master product data, they could save their overall operation time and improve their time to market.


Saved in overall operation time

11 hours

Saved in automated syndication


Operation cost reduced


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