How a decade-old business managed multiple SKUs seamlessly using a PIM

Background and Business need

A decade-old leading wholesaler and importer of exciting home decor & furnishings industries, this business sells its product on 32 different sales channels and has two websites. Headquartered in the United States, they maintain a distribution facility in Southern California focusing on Drop Ship Model. They have over 100000 SKUs and focus on providing top-quality products and value to customers with its vast selection of product categories, including decorative accessories, accent furniture, mirrors, wall décor, lighting, and garden.

The company was using a local Product Information Management(PIM) software which just assisted them in storing and maintaining their basic product data. With a large SKU to handle and limited time in hand, they were struggling to export their product data to multiple channels. They were facing performance issues which directly led to a loss of business revenue.

That is when they approached PIMworks. With complicated workflow problems to be addressed and some customizations in mind, they found PIMworks to be the light at the end of the tunnel.

Challenges faced by the customer

One of the significant downsides of handling larger SKUs is the time taken to syndicate your products to multiple marketplaces and channels. In addition to this, the lack of ready-made API integrations with different channels was also hurting them. APIs, wherever available, were not scalable.

This company, which wanted to move up the ladder in terms of market presence and market share, was finding it very difficult to sustain itself in the market. With over 100000 SKUs in their arsenal, lots of manually intensive work became needed due to the lack of automation in the PIM software they were using. Integrations between internal applications were very manual and time-consuming. In addition, the inability to customize product pricing for different products was hurting them. Each channel had different product pricing, and they could not maintain that properly. They could not extract the best out of the available features due to the product team's lack of proper implementation and guidance.

Solution provided

With instant product syndication being PIMworks' USP and with AI and ML capabilities, PIMworks could easily get the company's business back on track. With about 100000 SKUs to manage, time was a crucial tool for them. PIMworks' bulk import and export feature with automated data validation and data transmission engine allowed them to syndicate product data to multiple channels within minutes. PIMworks helped them prepare custom product catalogs with a visual rules engine. This made the configuration of complex rules for validation and enrichment across channels simple.

PIMworks provided automated data exports and file deliveries to FTPs. Highly scalable APIs with custom endpoints and webhooks were provided that reduced actions that took days to complete within minutes.

PIMworks also developed a specific vendor management module to manage their vendor profiles. With a dedicated customer success manager to assist them with their software usage and readily available API integrations, selling on their 32 different multiple marketplaces became such a breeze for them.


"With a healthy relationship with our customer success manager, managing multiple SKUs and Product catalogs has never been easier," says the company's Assistant Manager of Operations.

After introducing PIMworks into their business, our client has improved their overall working efficiency by 10-fold. With a dedicated customer success team to guide them, they are expanding their business to new markets by exploring the full features of their PIM software, PIMworks. With the latest market features and advancements in their grasp, our clients can constantly provide new things to their customers and improve their overall product experience with PIMworks.

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