Company snapshot

Our client is an award-winning manufacturer of personal protective equipment and ancillary products for various sports activities, especially extreme motorsports. They listed their products on various ecommerce platforms to develop a good market presence and a solid customer base. With a good investment dedicated to research & development, they always wanted to deliver high-quality products to their customers.

Business Objectives

Centralize all their product assets into one single repository

Instant product data syndication to Magento

Automated data enhancement across all sales channels


Our client had to dedicate a team to update product information and manage it regularly. This process caused delays in getting the products to their respective customers.

Since they have a diverse product portfolio, they had to spend a lot on their internal resources, such as money and manual labor, to get the work done.

The company utilized excel sheets to maintain its product information database.

They were looking for an automated solution to fulfill all their information handling and sharing requirements within a budget.


Our expert team designed an automated PIM solution for their industry and business needs.

Our channel integration capability enabled them to list their product in numerous platforms in a short period of time.

We provided a single repository with a simplified DAM system to store all their data for a centralized view.

One of the main features that made them come to us is our instant product data syndication and data structuring capability.

Seamless PIM integrations for efficient data handling

Our affordable solutions enable them to have all the capabilities they want without exceeding their budget. PIMworks integration capability enabled them to sell their product through multiple channels to improve their sales and brand awareness. Their sales increased by 25% over the span of 6 months. With the help of our PIM solution, they could reduce their operational cost and enhance their productivity.