Quality PIM solution for multichannel product syndication

Company snapshot

Our client, Cenmed Enterprises, established in 1992, has 30+ years of experience creating cost-effective healthcare and laboratory supply solutions. With over 100K SKUs and representing over 2000 manufacturers, Cenmed Entreprises is one of the largest privately held laboratory distributors in the New York Tri-State area. Dealing with a long list of products, they wanted a solution enabling them to seamlessly take their products to various channels.

Business objectives

catalog management - icon

Quality product catalog

seamless distribution - icon

Seamless distribution of
product content to multiple channels

compliance management - icon

Simplified product data
compliance management

Challenges and Solutions

Cenmed Entreprises have a large inventory of 100K SKUs, and managing them efficiently was challenging.

PIMworks helped Cenmed Entreprises improve efficiency by providing a quality centralized solution to manage their product data.

They struggled to take their product to different channels, as each channel had its guidelines.

Our PIM solution helped them take their products to multiple markets seamlessly through ready-made API integrations.

The company also had to ensure they complied with all the market standard regulations regarding product content.

PIMworks enabled two-way synchronization with the Bigcommerce channel, saving our client time and manual effort.

Managing large product data was challenging without a good centralized solution.

Our solution helped them quickly aggregate product data from various data feeds and made them compliant with market guidelines.

Consolidated brand presence across various channels

After adopting our affordable solution, Cenmed Entreprises can now seamlessly and instantly sync their large volume of product data to various marketplaces and channels. The initial onboarding and implementation for 100K product SKUs was a breeze with our solution and talented implementation team. A lot of time and manual effort are being saved, directly resulting in an improved revenue stream for the company. Our AI-assisted solution has eliminated compliance bottlenecks for the company and enabled them to maintain consistency, reduce errors and improve accuracy and quality across all the channels Cenmed Entreprises sell their products on.