From data chaos to dazzling success: A journey through a million catalogs

A tale of three decades:

A conversation that turned into a million dollar company

In the vibrant city of New York, where innovation thrives, a bunch of pals who happened to be laboratory owners spoke about the need for committed customer service from vendors. This conversation from nearly three decades ago took root and blossomed into a global company that enables scientists, researchers, and pharmaceutical companies to innovate with lab equipment and medical supplies.

From its inception in 1992, the company has built a massive catalog of more than 1 million medical and lab supplies - that includes their own product line and products sourced from over 2000 manufacturers internationally.

Our customer quickly became a symbol of quality and variety, serving diverse needs in healthcare, government, pharmaceuticals, and research. The company's growth story echoes in its vision and commitment to serve its customers with the right product and at the right time.

When a leading product information management system did not work

The client, with a humongous product catalog, their product data was highly complex and was managed on excel sheets, legacy systems, and on MS Dynamics ERP. To resolve the complexities of product data management and to get their products to market faster, they used a leading PIM software.

The specific challenges with product data management were:

  • Data was stored in multiple locations, spreadsheets, and folders that created chaos
  • Customer facing teams like sales, marketing, merchandising did not have a reliable and updated source of catalog
  • Institutional customers demand specific data compliance which required enormous data transformation efforts
  • Data from multiple brands and distributors were in disparate formats making mapping and consolidation painful
  • Incomplete product content made the catalogs inconsistent affecting the buyers’ purchase decisions.
  • Managing data on the website and multiple portals caused lot of redundancies and errors

They made the right decision at the right time to implement a PIM to solve their problems. However, the PIM platform had a lot of issues - frequent system slow-downs, inefficiency in handling large volumes of catalogs, and data sync issues due to poor integration with the BigCommerce platform. This impacted their business and they were on the lookout for a good PIM solution.

"We evaluated a bunch of PIM platforms and none of them were catering to our critical requirements until we turned to PIMworks".


The undisputed winner

After evaluating a few other leading PIM players, the client finally chose PIMworks and here’s why:

  • PIMworks had a seamless integration with BigCommerce
  • The integration had a two-way sync which made the onboarding process very efficient
  • The product catalogs were missing images and with BigCommerce and PIMworks integration, images were maintained, and synced against the product to have complete product information
  • The other PIM players had template methods for data syndication while PIMworks had an automated syndication which handles large volumes of catalog with a single click
  • Their data consolidation and structure issues were effortlessly taken care of by PIMworks’ single source of truth
  • They trusted PIMworks with a catalog of hundreds of thousands of SKUs and were able to scale rapidly

Getting to market faster with the right product data

Sourcing products from manufacturers and shipping them to 22+ countries needs to work like a well-oiled machine. Getting these products market-ready meant making the customer-facing content compliant and coherent.

"We wanted to get our products to market faster and at the same time comply with the channel guidelines".

The process that they had in place before turning to PIMworks was manual. This meant the product content was meticulously worked on using spreadsheets to make sure that they were meeting every channel’s unique requirements.

They had close to a million products and managing the syndication process one product at a time is not just tedious and time consuming but also error-prone leading to critical issues with the data structure.

They used PIMworks to solve this problem by managing data from a single source of truth to reduce data inconsistencies and also syndicate data with in-built templates and with PIMworks’ native integration with BigCommerce.

Better product data management and a defined process for syndication

They were benefited by PIMworks' instant syndication and BigCommerce integration that accelerated their time to market and reduced their manual efforts.


Accurate product data

80% Time

Saved on manual catalog creation


Faster time to market


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