Company snapshot

YBM Home, a locally owned and operated wholesale company of classic homewares and kitchenware in the Tri-State Area, sell their products primarily through their website. In addition, they are also present in multiple marketplaces like Amazon central, eBay, Walmart, Overstock, etc. They sell across the US, Canada, and Mexico and are known for providing gracious service for over 10 years. They have built their reputation on trust and loyalty. Over the past few years, they have broadened their range of offerings to include selling directly to consumers through their website and multiple marketplaces.

Business Objectives

Reduce time to reach market

Broadening product sales points

Bulk syndication of products

Challenges and Solutions

The significant challenge YBM Home was facing was automating their business processes, as the majority of their work was being done manually.

Using PIMworks instant product syndication feature, they could streamline their PIM processes and operations with ease.

Listing products on channels and verifying them was done primarily through email, and this was very time-consuming for them.

Email entries and the manual validation process were overrun by the AI and ML level automation provided by PIMworks.

Our client was looking for a solution that could bulk syndicate their products to multiple marketplaces in the shortest time possible.

With PIMworks' bulk syndication feature, listing up-to-date product data on various marketplaces became seamless.

In addition to the time constraints, they were not getting enough help and support from their initial PIM providers.

Our customer success team addressed their questions instantly, irrespective of holidays or the time zone difference.

Automate your workflow with PIMworks

"Listing our products online is such a breeze with PIMworks. It is quick, easy, and saves a lot of effort and time from our side", feels YBM's Manager of Product Information. With the introduction of PIMworks into their business process, all their core business needs were addressed, and their process was optimized. More than the product, they fell in love with the approach of the customer success team, which enhanced their overall customer experience. With improved working efficiency, they were able to concentrate more on expanding their business, and at the same time, they were able to save up a lot of money with the automation provided by PIMworks